Blogtober: Dear Younger Me

27 October 2014

Hey. Hows elementary school going? How's long division coming? If it's not going to well, it's okay, you'll end up using a calculator anyways. What about english? Still writing 6 page essays? Good. It's nice isn't it, writing. I'll tell you a secret, you end up writing more as you get older and *whispers* you even run a blog!!! Amazing I know! Enjoy being in the single digits while you can. Run free and be crazy. Let your imagination run the world around you, reality can wait, when you're this young. I know, I know, you're not "young", but a few years from now, you'll agree. Just don't try to be older than you are. Just stay what you are. You're not too old to play pretend. You're not too old to play hide and seek. So go ahead and just be you're elementary school self!

Middle School. It sucks. I know. And you know what, it doesn't really get much better. You do meet some pretty cool people though. So even if middle school life sucks, just remember you have people. I know you're sad right now. And it's a scary sad. I know that life isn't what you want it to be, and that sometimes you don't know what to do with yourself, and I know this sounds like B.S but just smile because you'll be okay. Maybe a little scarred, a little charred, but okay. I know that right now you probably don't feel like enough. But you are. I promise. It's hard for you to feel that you are, but just keep telling yourself that because one day you'll look in the mirror and believe it. So life sucks now. But don't forget you have people. You have really awesome friends. Some pretty cool siblings. You'll survive and maybe not be wiser, but definitely stronger.

The beginning of high school sucked. I know. I've been there. You were a shy girl thrown into a place where being social is essential to survival. And sometimes people suck and they ignore you, when all you're doing is being nice and three years later you still kind of hold a grudge. And that's okay. That's high school for you. I know you're waiting for some great friends, and that waiting really sucks and whoever says they don't mind it, is lying. Patience is a virtue but it can also be torture waiting. It'll be worth it though. You're friends are awesome. I know you had to leave your old friends, but those who really loved you and whom you loved are still friends with you. Whoever says otherwise is lying to you. So be weird, crazy, wild even, you'll find people who will accept you. Word of advice though, forgive people, but don't forget what they did, it's important to know where you can place your trust.

Alright young me. It's time for future you to get back to her life. The life that is pretty much not what you wanted as a 6 year old, or what you thought high school life would be like when you were in 7th grade. 9th grade me. You got it right, for the most part. Yes, I still go to BHS and no, I did not end up taking 6 AP classes, I'm taking 4. Life is not like the movies. High school especially. And that's okay. You're working hard to get where you want to be. Don't ever be sorry for that.

Love Always,
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