Blogtober:12 Facts About Me

30 October 2014

  1. My dream is to be writer. To see my book on bookshelves, in libraries, in people's hands. 
  2. I love Les Miserables. I love the movie, the play/musical. It's amazing and I need to read the book. 
  3. I have an obsession with Harry Potter. No joke, it's an obsession. 
  4. I was in band in middle school, I played the clarinet. Every now and again my friends would call me Squidward because of this. 
  5. I'm ahead a year in math. I'm not entirely sure why though. I tend to have a harder time in math, yet here I am taking AP Calc.
  6. I can play the piano a little bit. 
  7. I once hurt my knee so bad I didn't have to do P.E for a year and a half. I would get these random knee pains, and because I hated going to the doctor I never complained. My mom, however, noticed my limping and took me to the doctor. I couldn't get me leg straight because it hurt so much. I think I even fell down stairs once because I couldn't walk right.  After physical therapy it got better, but then it came back and after another round of physical therapy I got better.  
  8. My favorite band is Coldplay because well, they're Coldplay and they're awesome! 
  9. I was born in Mexico then I moved here when I was a baby. 
  10. I'm currently neglecting my homework. It seems whenever in a battle between blogging and HW, blogging always win.

  11. I once got in trouble for asking a question when we we'rent supposed to talk. The substitute teacher wrote my name down and at the end of the day made those who she wrote down, run 2 laps. Because everyone felt it a mistake that she wrote my name down, the ENTIRE class ran with me. 
  12. I can dance on my toes! Well I used to. I got pointe shoes when I was in ballet. It's one of the most amazing feelings but after a while quite painful!
Alright! So now you know a little bit more about me, whether or not you wanted to. Happy Thursday guys!!

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