Blogtober: One Thing I Can't Live Without

03 October 2014

If i'm going to be entirely honest with myself the very first thing I thought of was my ipod. I love music. There's not a day I don't use my iPod.  I love how it can be exactly what you feel, exactly what you want to say. I love being able to dance like on idiot with my headphones on. I love being able to rock out while doing homework. I love being able to listen to music when all I feel like doing is crying.

The fact of the matter is this I need music in my everyday life. Thus my one "can't live without out it item" is my iPod. Man, i've had the iPod for a really long time. I first got it in fifth grade and i'm now in 11th grade. That thing has lasted me 6 years. 6 solid years. Talk about the sentimental value that thing has.

I've taken my iPod everywhere with me. I took it to my first day of middle school. I listened to music on it while trying not to cry the week 8th ended. I woke up listening to music on it on the first day I started high school. I took it to Costa Rica with me when I went when I turned 15. It's been a constant little companion with me the last few years.

Also I doubt i'm the only one, but I tend to make a crazy amount of playlists for emotions, phases, to help me study, to help me write, hell I have my own blogging playlist. Those playlists are pretty awesome. And here comes my uber dramatic teenager scene: It's safe to say that my iPod and its playlists are pretty much my life in song form. I'd like to keep them.

It's weird, how long things last. My iPod's lasted me 6 years. I've had friendships last 10. I've known people for 3 years. You're only in high school for four years. Yet somehow, no matter how many times it falls or it freezes, it has manged to survive. And play my music.

I guess you could say that music is an essential part of my life. Music just has the power. Its a universal thing. A thing that can be anything, mean anything to anyone. That's some powerful stuff!

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