Mourning the Death of a Fictional Character

11 March 2016

There are a plethora of fictional character deaths that have killed me and have pushed me into en era of mourning. After watching an episode of The 100, I have found myself back in the abyss of mourning. Now if you watch The 100 and are currently caught up, you know I'm talking about. Now that person's death was messed up not just because it happened but because of the way it happened and the events leading up to it. #lgbtfansdeservebetter.

Usually one goes into shock after witnessing or reading the death of a fictional character. Usually I take a step back and try to process the event while crying while pretending it never happened. From here I will finish the T.V episode or stop reading and ignore the fact that someone died. Then I try to create theories where that person comes back to life. This never lasts long because eventually I go on tumblr...

 Now this doesn't always last very long but I get angry. Usually, while on tumblr I meet fellow fans who are just as lost and confused and daze as I am. This daze of shock soon wears off and we get angry because it's just not fair. It never is.

3.Bargaining: This is the point where you plead for that character to come back. You wish and wish and wish. You try to imagine some new storylines, a better one, one where your fav is not dead. 

Depression:*sniffles* *plays sad music* *holds a box of tissues to chest*
This typically lasts the longest for me. This is the part where you cry and cry and cry because there is nothing left to do. You mourn the loss of your fav and try to piece yourself backtogether in order to finish that book or that T.V show, or in some cases never return. Both are valid options. By this point I'm still on tumblr because tumblr gets me looking at quotes, gifsets, all of it and crying because that person will never exist in this world again

Acceptance: I'm glad this person existed, I will miss you.
Fanfiction is such a lovely thing. Now hear me out, fanfiction might seem like you're not moving on but in reality it's a way for you to allow those characters to live on in a parallel universe or something. By this point you know that they're are gone, but there's no harm in adding to the story. If you are not a fanfiction person then this is the point where you branch out and find another book, movie, show etc that makes you happy. 

Unfortunately there are some fictional deaths we just won't ever get over. But we all go through it and we all make it onto the other side. So what are some fictional deaths you can't get over? how do you cope/not cope?
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