Updates and Life Changes

31 May 2016

It has been three months since I was last here, at my desk, writing frantically. So I figured I owed y'all an explanation as to why I have been gone for the last few months. It's not just because I was busy because I've been busy and still blogged before.

Here's the thing about senior year. It goes by so fast and you just have to enjoy the moment. In these last three months I was accepted to several colleges, visited most of those universities, committed to a university, went prom dress shopping, went to prom, cut my hair, studied for finals, took AP's, took finals, went to grad night, and graduated high school. So yeah it's been an intense few months. But I guess I neglected this blog because I wanted to fully dedicate myself to the end of my high school life, after all my graduation was four years in the making.

That being said, I will be blogging this summer and will continue to blog in college. So I will be blogging on a normal schedule and I'm even thinking about starting a new blog? Let me know what you think about that! I'm really excited for the new the new posts that should be up on here soon! I've really missed being here and talking about books.

Anyways that's it for this post, Thank you for being patient with me!

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