About Me

I'm Giselle, and i'm your classic too nerdy for her own good teenager. I'm pretty much obsessed with books, writing, and quotes. I'm still in high school and love reading about people in high school, vampires, and cute romances. I love anything John Green, Cassandra Clare, Jennifer Donelly, but feel free to message me book recommendations. 
I'm an avid reader. I'm also an avid fangirl. The only working combination of these two attributes is book blogging. You see, I can fangirl over a book here and maybe bring you to read a book i've read.So that's why i became a book blogger :)
You can also go here and send me books titles you want me to review! Ok enough about boring 'ol me! go and explore my blog, leave me some book recommendations or leave me a comment. LOVE you all!

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