Blogtober: Happy Halloween Memories

09 October 2014

Halloween isn't really my holiday. I'm a Christmas person. I love making presents and getting a tree and making hot chocolate and watching Christmas movies and listening to Christmas songs. Christmas is my holiday. Yet somehow it's Halloween that surprises me the most. Halloween happens and tends to bring a lot of things to my doorstep, candy included. I did enjoy Halloween growing up. My mom took me out every year and dressed me up every year for out little parade at school. I do love the holiday. I love the craziness the openness, the quirkiness of it.

Now I personally don't remember this story but it's been told so many times that it might as well be a memory. I first went trick or treating when I was a year and half. My dad wrapped a bandanna around my head and took me out into the chilly Halloween night to get my first ever batch of Halloween candy. Apparently I was so taken with Halloween the next day I wrapped the bandanna around my tiny head and told my dad I wanted to go out again to get more candy. Someone forgot to mention to me that Halloween was a one night deal. Amid the chuckles and giggles of my amused family I guess someone told me that Halloween didn't happen every night. Needless to say my tiny little heart was disappointed and angry.

A couple years ago, my friend Marianne, my brother, and I all went trick or treating together. It was actually a lot of fun. We ran down the streets pretending to be whatever it was that we dressed up as that year. The place we used to go trick or treating in really goes all out. So there were really scary houses with mini haunted houses, to get to the candy. People run down the streets scaring one another. It was pretty awesome. We went to my house after securing just the right amount of candy. Unfortunately I had homework. I had a scary story due the next day. I actually had fun writing it, I think I even got an A on it.
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My next memory is more recent. It was last year. The first year I didn't go trick or treating. My best friend, Marianne ,from Marianne Says, came over and we pigged out in front of the T.V and watched movies. There's something nice about just hanging out with someone with no expectations. It was Halloween and both of us are not fans of scary movies so opted for things like Warm Bodies, which had that scary element without ever being scary.

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