Blogtober: Shopping tips

26 October 2014

Okay, so today I'm going shopping for my homecoming dress. Homecoming is next Saturday. The pressure to find The Dress is on! Now I LOVE shopping, but when you're looking for something you need it can be a nightmare. We've all been through it. We start off feeling excited but after the third store you start to feel insecure and crappy and maybe even hopeless. I've developed some tips to help make it more of a positive experience instead of a negative.

  1. Take a friend, or your mom, or just someone who you feel good around. I can't stress this enough. If you're around someone who's negative or you feel uncomfortable with the experience is just going to be stressful and maybe not even worth it. When you surround yourself with people you love they can help you make the decision, give you opinions, and you cover more ground faster. 
  2. Don't bring a huge group. When there is a large group, opinions are going to clash. And that's not going to make anything fun. And sometimes the group can over power you opinion which ultimately matters the most. 
  3. Wear things that you feel best in. If that means wearing sweats and sweater, go for it. For me it it means looking nice. I'll wear a skirt, or a dress because that's what I feel good in. I'll usually do my make up and hair too because sometimes shopping can make you feel insecure when things aren't turning out the way you want them to. It usually makes me feel better if I feel good and look good.
  4. Have a fun playlist. This is supposed to be fun, definitely have a killer playlist to pump you up. If moods and energy are dwindling just play a fun song and you'll feel better.
  5. Take a camera. Sometimes things just look different on camera. Or maybe you're indecisive. Taking fun pics with you friends can make things feel more official and fun, plus after trying on all the dresses you can pick which one you liked best, based on the pictures. Besides it's always fun to stage a fashion show :)
I hope I helped somehow! Do you have any shopping tips? Put them in the comments :) Hope y'all have fun shopping!!!
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