Blogtober14: Fall Bucket List

05 October 2014

Fall doesn't really exist in Southern California. It's still hot. I can still wear shorts and tank tops. That's sad. I love cold weather. I love sweaters. We do have a short cold spell but unfortunately its going to take it's sweet time getting here. So despite the lack of a cold crisp air, Pumpkin Spice Latte's are here so, in no particular order, and with the help of google, here's my fall bucket list 

  1. Drink warm apple cider. I've never tried warm apple cider and I really really want to. I feel like when I try it, i'll love it. I don't even know how to get this? Do they sell warm apple cider in stores? Can I make it at home? 
  2. Watch ABC family's Halloween marathon. I tell myself each year to actually watch the movie marathon but I can never stay tuned for the whole thing. I really hope this year is the exception. 
  3. Wake up early and take a foggy early walk with my dog Ruby while wearing the biggest comfiest sweater I own. I found this one on google and added the sweater and walking my dog part. I never get up early enough to walk Ruby in the morning so I usually do it in the afternoon. I've always loved chilly mornings and always wanted to wake up and go for a walk. But I just never have. I feel like I need to do this. Maybe even make it a habit?
  4. Go to the Homecoming Game.I went to the homecoming game Freshman year, but ditched it last year. I kinda want to go this year. It's not like I actually pay attention to the game. I usually just talk to my friends and cheer. And by usually I mean the two times i've ever been to a football game. One of which was this past Friday.
  5. Order every Fall Starbucks Drink. I'm a creature of habit. I like routines. I usually never order anything new. There are only few things i've tried from Starbucks. I plan to just order every fall related drink they have. 
  6. Go down to San Diego. This one is a little more personal I guess. My sister lives in San Diego and because i'm always so damn busy because of school I never get to go down to visit her. Thankfully she's been able to come up and see me. But it would be nice to spend a weekend down in San Diego, near the beach. To just chill with my sister in her hood. 
  7. Go Stargazing. I've always wanted to do this and I saw this on someone else's list and it reminded me that I wanted to give this a shot. After all, nights are getting longer. Maybe I could even learn the placement of some constellations. 
  8. Bake apple pie. I tried making an apple pie two years ago and it was a total fail. So this year my goal is to make the awesomest apple pie ever. You guys have any helpful hints? recipes? 
  9. Watch all my show season premieres. So far i've been able to do this. But I really want to make sure I watch every season premiere the day it airs. After all I send the whole day in either in school or doing school work. Why shouldn't I have an hour to do something I want to do.
  10. Make a fall playlist. I have playlists for everything. I even mentioned that in my Blogtober post a a couple days ago. Yet I don't seem to have a "fall" playlist. And since I love making playlist I figured now was a good a time as any to make my fall playlist.
  11. Re-read Revolution for the 7th time. Yeah. This is one of those books I just love. And will never stop loving. So I'm going to read it for the first time this year. I'm excited. 
  12. Collect and Press Leaves. I did this when I was a kid, Who's to say i'm too old to do this now!
  13. Watch a scary movie. I hate being scared. So I obviously am NOT a fan of scary movies. But in the spirit of October and Fall and Halloween, I decided that one day this fall (probably during the day) i'll watch a super scary movie with a friend.
  14. Make and decorate halloween cookies or cupcakes. Because I like baking and I love eating the things I bake. So why not make them cute and Halloween-y
  15. Do something rebellious. I often get told that I act to much like an adult. And I guess because i'm always so caught up in school and stuff I forget to actually just be a teenager. Who ever said these are the best years of your life was dead WRONG. But my plan is to do something rebellious just to say I did it. So that when I'm old and my grandkids think i'm not cool I can tell them that one time I did something I wasn't supposed. t0. 
  16. Write a letter to a random person, wishing them a happy month and Halloween. I have this book by Keri Smith where it has a bunch of post cards that you can send. One of the prompts is to send a random person a letter. When I saw it I just new I had to do it! They might think I'm crazy. Or I might make their day. On the off chance its the latter i'mma do it. 
  17. Buy fall scented candles. I like candles. But i've never been like crazy about them. But since I want to make my room more autumn-y I thought this was  the best way to go!
  18. Have a Supernatural Marathon. Just because.  
  19. Document some of fall outfits. I've done a couple outfit posts and they've been really fun and easy to post. I love dressing up for school and looking nice. So why not post some OOTD posts. 
  20. Take more pictures. I rarely take pictures. But I really want to remedy that. I want to take pictures with my Instax mini and with my phone (even though the quality sucks), with a film based camera. As time goes on, I'm beginning to realize that in a year and a half i'm going to be going/in college. Doing whatever it is I decide to do, whatever it is I decide to go. I really want to remember the last of my high school days, friends and just great moments. 
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