Blogtober: Favorite Quotes and Why

15 October 2014

I couldn't pick just one quote so here are four, well really five of my favorite quotes. I did another post recently where I did best advice i've ever received if you're feeling extra quote-y today :)

"The sun still rises even with the pain"- The Head and The Heart

I love this quote! I even have this on my wall. I love the song too! It's so beautiful and calm and just yeah... It's called Another Story, in case you were curious. I like it because of the realness and simplicity of it. You might not be happy but a new day will dawn. So you'll go through that day and end stronger maybe even happier. The sun will shine and you might not feel like dealing with the day doesn't mean you shouldn't seize it. Because let's face it if you're going to feel like shit, all you can do is feel it, accept it, just don't let it ruin you day, or week, or month.

"We need never be hopeless because we can never be irreparably hopeless, we just have to believe we're worth fixing" -John Green (with my twist at the end)

I'm an optimistic person most of the time. I like to look at the bright side whenever possible and this quote really speaks to me because it's a reminder that you should never lose hope because you can naver ever be so broken that you can't fix yourself. I do think, however, you have to believe you're worth fixing in order for this quote to be true. And who ever you are, I promise that you are 110% worth fixing, and that whatever it is you're going through you'll come out the other end because you can fix yourself and be better for it later. 

"For to have faith is to have wings"-Peter Pan

I actually want this tattooed. I haven't decided where, either my wrist, side, or back. I love this quote because it's so true. If you have faith in your dreams, in yourself, in life, in those you love, in you happiness, anything is possible, you might as well be able to fly. Isn't that what we all want. To just fly straight to our dreams? Happiness? It's important to remember that having faith can be everything. I guess in the words of Mary Margret, "Even believing in the possibility of a happy ending is a powerful thing"

"One can find happiness even in the darkest of times if only one remembers to turn on the light"-Dumbledore

Oh how I love Dumbledore. As much as I love all these quotes I love this one just a tad bit more. It's profound and simple at the same time, you know? What I get from this is that you control your happiness. If you want to feel sad and want to stay in the dark leave the lights off but when your ready to be happy just look for the light switch. You're going to have bad times but you'll be okay, you can find the little things that make you happy. It's possible to be happy even when you're sad. Like if you have a bad day (week, month) and something happens and you smile. It could be small like a cup of tea, or a Harry Potter Movie, or a good book, a rainy day, a lucky penny. 

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