Blogtober: My Biggest Fear

20 October 2014

I couldn't help the Harry Potter quote. I had a Harry Potter Marathon yesterday, and well I'm still high on the feels. Anyway, everyone is scared of something. For some people it's something tangible, like a cliff, or spiders. For other's it's something we can't hold but we can sense it, like not achieving a goal, not being enough. For most of us our fears our a mix of the two. Here are mine.

  1. I'm terrified of roller coasters. I don't like them. I don't like feeling like i'm going to die. I happen to like my feet flat on the floor. 
  2. I'm really scared that I'll reach for the stars and just fall straight on my ass. In other words, I'm scared I won't be able to make my dream come true. After all how many people actually get to be authors? 
  3. Like many other people on this planet, spiders unnerve me. I'm much like Ron Weasley in this regard. Maybe it's the eyes, or the legs, or the fact that they paralyze their prey. Whatever it is, I don't like them, they're creepy and thats the whole of it.
  4. I'm scared of the future or more accurately growing up. It's one thing being a teen in their parents house. It's another to walk out of you home and face the world for what it is. Not what you hope it is. Not even what you think it is. What it actually is. And that is scary. 
Fears are fears. And you have to have them. You have to feel them. You just gotta buck up, scream a little if need be, and try to accept it and move on. If you're really brave you can face them. Like Harry. He was brave, faced his demons, did what he had to do, and despite it all, he ended up happy. And in the end that's all anyone wants, what anyone can ask for. 

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