T.V Shows I'm Obsessed With

13 March 2015

I love stories. That's part of why I read books. But I also love watching movies and shows. As a fangirl I get really into shows. I'm told I get intese and it can be pretty entertaining watching me fangirl and freak out over a show or a recent episode or ship. My goodness I have SO MANY SHIPS at the moment. Its a wonder that my fangirl emotions haven't drowned me yet. Anyways, here's my list, hope you fangirl with me too! (Here are some Netflix obsessions and top ten shows of the summer)

1. The 100. Can we talk about that season finale? My head is still reeling. This is kind of like Lost meets Hunger Games. It's pretty cray. No one is really safe on the show and you never really know what to expect. I'll be watching it and all of a sudden I'm yelling at my T.V, or sobbing into my pillow. The events on the show put my life in perspective a lot of the times. Like why am I worried about my Unit test when Clarke or Jasper or Bellamy are in a life and death situation. Despite the emotional roller coaster this show puts me through, I love it. It's so good and I love it and the characters so much! I even wrote a letter to Clarke Griffin.I love all the strong women on the show. It's awesome to see people depicted without bias or prejudice.

2.Blacklist. I can't even deal with this show. It's freaking crazy. I love Red, I love Liz. I think this show is amazing and I love all the mystery and stuff behind every episode. It leaves you with so many questions you can't help but stay glued to the screen and wait and pray for next Thursday to come faster. 

3.Reign. I finally caught up and I'm watching the live episodes now. Wow. That's all I can say about this show. The girls on the show are so strong. Like they have to be bad ass while wearing corsets and heels. Now that's hard.

4.The Vampire Diaries. This show is da bomb diggity. I love Damon, he's my favorite character. He's so sassy and sarcastic and bad-ass I can't help but love him. This season has been really good! It kind of went through a lull, but it's back it's craziness.

5.The Originals. I have to admit sometimes I like this show more than TVD. It's really good and I love all the dynamics on the show. No one is really safe on the show and you never know what to expect from any of the characters. 

this poster is so dramatic! I love it!

6.Glee. It's the last season! I can't believe it. The past season wasn't good and I really didn't like it but I LOVE this season. I love the new kids. While some things were a little ehh and not so good this season I still think it's pretty good.
My fangirl emotions are overwhelming right now
Alright! That's it! Hope you enjoyed my post! Tell me what your T.V obsessions are at the moment!

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