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15 July 2014

Now I love books, I do, but I love T.V too. As a teenager I find myself fangirling over more than just my favorite characters and book ships. I fangril over t.v characters and ship a lot of them. My world of fangirling has expanded into the world of media. So today, Tuesday, I will share my top ten favorite t.v  shows that I fangirl over the most.

1. Falling Skies. I love me some alien apocalypses. I look forward to this show every summer. Its one of the shows I tend to fangirl over a lot, and not many of my friends watch it so I have no one to vent to but twitter. Its a great show that is filled with dynamic relationships, and colorful vibrant characters you can't help but grow to care for.

2. Sherlock. I started watching this on Netflix over the summer an devoured the first two series in two day. I'm in love with this show. Like I can't even deal with the craziness of the series finale right now. The show is filled with suspense and the characters make me laugh and cry and gasp. Its an amazing show.

3. Once Upon a Time. This show is amazing and makes me love Sunday's. I love all the twists in the fairy tales and the way the molded all the characters. My favorite character is of course Ms. Regina. I love the character development and do not get me started on my ships for this show. There is of course the cutest couple ever: Snowing (Snow white and Prince Charming). The couple with an amazing love story: Rumbelle (Rumpelstiltskin and Belle). My hardcore ship: Captin Swan. The ship I desperately want to work out and get married and live happily ever after: Outlaw Queen (Regina and Robin Hood). Let me tell you, I am constantly in a fangirl state when this show is on, i mean how can I not be with four ships.

4. Pretty Little liars. I love all the suspense this show has. I never know what's going to happen next or what or who is lurking around the corner. This season has already been explosive and i'm always on the edge of my seat when I watch this show. Plus I have my share of ships on this show.

5. Skins. I have never watched a show that has made me cry more than this one. Its about a group of teenager muddling around their last few years of high school. Its a gritty, raw show that shows everything that could happen in a teens life. I love how I can relate to all the characters and how they devolve throughout the show. This show is definitely worth getting your heart broken over.

6.  My Mad Fat Diary. I ABSOLTLEY LOVE THIS SHOW WITH ALL MY HEART AND SOUL. The only reason it's not at the top of my list, is because it's not airing right now so my fangirl emotions have calmed down a bit. This show is funny and heartfelt. It, much like Skins, is gritty, raw, and realistic. For those of you who haven't heard of this show its about a girl who just came out of a mental ward and is trying to move on with her life, make friends, get a boyfriend, all while staying sane. And may I say Finn is so amazing I just can't deal.  This show has a lot of dark, gory bits but as much as I cry over the show, I love it even more.

7.The Vampire Diaries. I have a thing for vampires. Specifically a blue eyed, mischievous vampire. Damon. Possible my favorite character in the whole show. While many people might say the plot lines are terrible and the characters aren't very well developed, I think they're wrong. Sure there might by a level of cheesiness to the show, but all shows are like that. I love how the characters a realistic and come alive. And i tend to never see the twists coming in the plot. It's insane. This show has made me laugh, cry, gasp, yell, i love every moment of it.

8..Teen Wolf. This show is awesome. Its action filled, with lots of drama, great characters, and an awesome storyline. Plus there are hot werewolves. Then there's Stiles, the reason we all stay and watch the show. He's my favorite character on the show. He's funny, sarcastic, cute and smart. Now if only he were real *sigh*. I honestly think this show is amazing.

9. Doctor Who. How can this not be on the list. Doctor who is an iconic t.v show that everyone should watch. I didn't start getting into it until recently but trust me this show goes above all expectations. The first episode got me hooked instantly and from that moment on I entered the fandom and never looked back. If you like sci-fi, mystery, romance, time travel and all that jazz, you really should give this show shot if you haven't already.

10 The Fosters. One word: Drama. Lot's and lot's of drama. But hey makes for a good show right? the whole idea of the show seemed interesting and I was worried it wasn't going to be done right. Thankfully my worries were for not because the show is completely incredible and all the actors do a great job. That being said I love the story lines and plot twists. While some people might hate all the drama on the show, I like it. I love this show and definitely recommend this to y'all.

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