Another Playlist :)

07 July 2014

Drum roll please!Please welcome the talented, kind, amazing, Marianne from the super rad blog, Marianne Says! Marianne runs a beauty blog (a pretty fab one, if i do say so myself). So go one check out her blog! She's my best friend and has taught me pretty much everything I know about make up. So without further ado this is her blogging playlist :)

Blogging Playlist 

1. Hey Now - London Grammar
2. Sarah Sings - Panic! at the Disco
3. If You Say So - Lea Michele
4. If You Wait - London Grammar
5. The Love Club - Lorde
6. Camera - Young the Giant
7. Am I Wrong - Nico Vinz
8. Maybe - London Grammar
9. Always - Panic! at the Disco
10. Cancer - My Chemical Romance
11. Cannonball - Lea Michele
12. Strong - London Grammar
13. Turn Off the Lights - Panic! at the Disco
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