Book Talk: Floating Boy and the Girl Who Couldn't Fly

27 July 2014

Release Date:October 21, 2014 in paperback (May 27, 2014 e-book)
Number of Pages: 250
Book: Floating Boy and the Girl Who Couldn't Fly
Author: P.T Jones
Source: Netgalley (Note: I received this book in exchange for an honest review)
The Basics: Things Mary doesn’t want to fall into: the river, high school, her mother’s life. Things Mary does kind of want to fall into: love, the sky. This is the story of a girl who sees a boy float away one fine day. This is the story of the girl who reaches up for that boy with her hand and with her heart. This is the story of a girl who takes on the army to save a town, who goes toe-to-toe with a mad scientist, who has to fight a plague to save her family. This is the story of a girl who would give anything to get to babysit her baby brother one more time. If she could just find him. It’s all up in the air for now, though, and falling fast. . . . Fun, breathlessly exciting, and full of heart, Floating Boy and the Girl Who Couldn’t Fly is an unforgettable ride.

My Musings:

     Just by the summary I could instantly relate to the main character,Mary. So that was a great start right off the bat. The whole idea if it seemed new and original and I was psyched to read it!
     Right away I liked the author's writing style. It was quirky and cute with a touch of sarcasm which made me a very happy reader. I always tend to love books that make me legit LOL than books that layer poetic sentence after poetic sentence. Don't get me wrong I love poetic books and all that jazz but it's nice to have that and laugh every once in a while. Anyways, I personally LOVE the writing style and the way the author presented each character ans weird and different and just plain ol' quirky.( I like the word quirky).
     Okay as for characterization, the author did a pretty good job. P.T Jones definitely made the characters easy to relate to but I honestly didn't really connect with them that much. I loved Mary and her friends but I felt like the other characters needed something else to make them feel real to me. I did love the characters, they just didn't feel real to me. The whole evil  scientist guy was drawn exactly as that and while there was light shed on his character i really wish we could have learned more about him sooner. However, that being said, I loved how the authors portrayed Mary. She's a smart girl, who is sweet and kind. I struggle with anxiety and panic attacks, and let me tell you they suck. Mary has these same problems but not once did the author make her a victim or write her out  as this" poor girl with anxiety". They instead treated it like a part of her life and the way she reacts to things. It just is. It is a problem but they don't overuse it or anything. They give a realistic approach with that and I appreciate it.
     The plot was interesting and intricate. Honestly, while I liked the plot and story line I wasn't in love with it. Some parts felt overdone or just a tad cheesy, but the high action scenes and funny moments made up for that. I felt like the beginning was a little slow moving but it did pick up a little ways in. After the first initial chapters there are so many things going on and clues being found out all at once, which I love. At this point I just needed to know how the book ended. So I read and read, I was pretty into the book. Then once we got the climax of the book, I didn't like how the epic battle went. I felt like it was just too stretched out. Like I didn't understand why it was that long. Despite that, it was an okay epic battle, complete with some nail biting and suspense.
      I don't like insta-lovey type of relationships. I also don't like it when the romance, or the stuff building up to the romance seems overdone/forced. The romance for this book was somewhere between these two zones. I felt like it was sort of realistic in terms of her not coming to grips with her feelings. But it was a little inta-lovey because she instantly liked him and there was nothing really building up to that. It just kind of appeared. It was because of that lack of foundation that  made me feel like it was a little forced. I wasn't a big fan of the romance. The only good part that came from that was that it allowed the plot and the plot twists to shine a little more.

Coffee for this book: Overall the book was an easy read that's pretty cutey with a happy ending. So I recommend a hazelnut latte with extra pumps of syrup to complement this book

My Rating:

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