Top Ten Blogging Confessions

08 July 2014

It's Tuesday, you know what that means. Its Top Ten Time :). This is a meme hosted by the lovely and amazing  The Broke and Bookish. This week's theme is Top Ten Blogging Confession. So here it is!

1. I don't like planning out what I'm reading and when I'm reading it. Its one thing if i decide what book I'm reading first from my stack of library book, its completely different than saying this week it's book A and next week book B. For some reason I just hate doing that. I like reading books that catch my attention and seem interesting and sometimes that means not reading that book i said i was going to read. Part of the fun of reading is finding books that you like and reading what you want when you want to. 

2. I like going to the library and checking out books more than buying my own. I love going through the passageways looking for books. And a lot of the times I find things that i wouldn't normally find at a Barnes and Noble because it's not as popular, or it older. I love the surprises the library holds. Plus it's free books. Who can say no to that?

3. I like book marking pages in my books that have cool quotes that I like. I love quotes. I'm obsessed with them. And the thing about books is that it offers a lot of thoughts and saying from different points of view.Thus the perfect place for quote hunting. 

4. I judge books by their cover. If the cover is ugly and terrible, its a pretty good assumption that i'm not going to read it. I know i shouldn't but it's pretty hard not to. If a book has a pretty cover and has a good summary chances are I will read it. Not that I Only read books with pretty covers but i do use covers as deal breakers when choosing between books. 

5. I love working on things in Barnes and Noble. I legit just bring my laptop, a book and buy a coffee and sit down and leave hours later. For some reason I work better that way. 

6. I don't really know anything about HTML or programming or whatever. I feel like a should, it helps make my blog better if I know a few tricks about HTML, like making banners, or buttons etc. Thankfully i won a contest over at Pure Imagination and i picked a design and she put it on my blog. However, I still want to learn things to help me be a better blogger
7.I'm a hypocrite. I'm super OCD when people borrow my books, but i'm usually not as careful with them. I think it's okay if a book get's a little scratch or maybe had a dog eared page because it looks more worn, more read, which is what books are meant for. But if another person does that to my book, that's where I draw the line. I'm not entirely sure why I'm like this but for some reason I am. 

8. I read Maximum Ride when I was younger. I loved the series but after reading Fang, I just stopped. I never finished the series. Part of it was the frustration with the characters, and the part was learning that James Patterson doesn't really write his own stuff, which made me sad, and the other part was the wait was too long and I just never picked up Angel. 

9. You know how some books have novellas in between the books? You know how sometimes they put said novellas at the back of some books? Well before I had an e-reader I would go to Barnes and Noble carefully pick up the copy that had the novella and read it in store then return the book to it's shelf.

10. I love re-reading books. Like a lot. If a really love a book, i'll probably end up re-reading it. For example I've re-read Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly at least 6 times

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