Motivational Monday #5

30 March 2015

Love Letters to the Dead by Ava Dellaira Quote @ Perks of Being Readers
From Love Letters to the Dead (book review here)

We lie all the time. We lie everyday. We lie to make ourselves feel better, we lie to spare other people's feelings, we lie to avoid the truths that we're scared might hurt. Sometimes lies do help but it's important to know that the truth isn't something that should be or even can be avoided.

You need to be true to who you are and who you want to become. So don't lie about who you are just because it makes other people happy. Don't lie to yourself about it either you'll just end up miserable and old and drinking away your feelings. So accept your own truth, accept who you are as you are, as scary as it might be. Because at then end of the day just by accepting the truth you'll be happy, and your happiness is beautiful. Like the quote says accepting your truths, the scary ones, the bad ones, the happy ones, the good ones, it just makes you, you. It makes you youer than yesterday. And you're awesome so why not try and be more you.

Don't lie about how you feel. If you like someone and their worth the risk, then tell them. If you're sad, if you feel like your world is falling apart, if you're lonely, or angry, or frustrated, or happy, then talk about it. Sometimes feeling things and being left with your thoughts can be toxic. If you need to talk to someone don't lie and say you're fine. There are people you can talk to, you're friends, you're family, maybe a teacher, hell you can talk to me if you want to. Sometimes speaking the truth about what you feel is enough to make you feel lighter because you're not a slave to it anymore.

The truth is always hard to face. But life isn't easy. But telling the truth, accepting it, it can be that little light that helps guide you to where you want to go. If you're dying to be a singer, a writer, a producer, or just a better you, hold on to that truth because it's bright and beautiful and you should trust in it because it can take you places.

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