Short Hair Don't Care

27 March 2015

PerksofbeingreadersI used to have long hair. It used to be almost to my butt. It was long and thick and a little wavy. But it was a hassle. It was a BIG hassle. But I would get compliments all the time on my hair. It took me a while to understand that the only thing people were really complimenting was how long my hair was. To be honest my hair was so frizzy and poofy that it spent most of its time in ponytails or braids.

I never really toyed with the idea of short hair. But then I decided to donate it. I didn't really care much about it at this point.
Then high school came and change needed to happen. So before freshman year was over I cut it just below my collar bone. But it wasn't enough the following year I cut it above my shoulders. I loved it. Recently I got another haircut and it's actually not that short but it's different than what I usually go for. I have bangs now. Like real bangs not hair that not long enough to be part of my hair. It's super layered. Yeah. I like it though, Its a change. I LOVE my short hair.

A lot of people think that it's impossible to be feminine or sexy with short hair. They tie this whole idea of being a woman with having long hair. When in reality you hair shouldn't define how feminine you are. My hair isn't that short. But I would love to go shorter. Get a bob maybe. I was dared to get a pixie cut. Who knows what i'll do with my hair in the next couple of years?

before I cut my hair this week
Anyways I think it's so stupid how much crap people can give you when you think about cutting your hair short. By the time high school started the longest part of my hair reached my waistline (I had layers). I needed a change. So much had happened to me, I had overcome a lot of stuff. So I figured what better way to show how much I changed than with a haircut. I toyed with the idea from about December till May. I asked people what they thought. Everyone I talked to save like three people said DON'T CUT YOUR HAIR. They said my hair was so pretty long, why would I want to go short. With my friends, family, and acquaintances all telling me to keep my long locks I decided maybe they were right. Then I googled to see the pros and cons. Clearly I was not the only one trying to figure out if it would be worth it.
post haircut

The internet was definitely NOT helpful in this case. If anything I was even more indecisive. People were saying guys like longer hair, short hair is unfeminine and unattractive. Guys AND girls were saying this. So then all I was thinking was would it really be that bad to have short hair. Everything and everyone was telling me how my hair was a sign of my femininity. I didn't understand why I couldn't be girly and have short hair. Why people were freaking out over me cutting MY hair. Thankfully I had three people in my corner telling me to go for it. Then it hit me. Why was I trying to find validation in other people. If I wanted to do something for me why did it matter if other people agreed with me. Why did it matter that the internet was telling me that no guy would like me with short hiar. I was doing this for me. So why did it matter what everyone else was saying. 
post haircut

So my sister, for my birthday took me to get my hair cut. It was an awesome experience. With every snip my hair became shorter and all those people telling me not to do this were silenced. Because when you do things for you and you try new things no one else matters. It was great. Now no one can picture me having long hair anymore. No one can even remember what I looked like with long hair my freshman year.

Quick Pro's of having short hair:
Short hair is great. It takes less time to style (for me anyway) because it's okay if your hair looks messy/ I love how short hair looks with hats. As a California girl it makes dealing with the heat a lot easier. There's less hair to manage. No more crazy clumps of hair in the shower or on your brush. Plus it's a fashion statement. It brings more attention to your face.

 You should never let someone else's thoughts, society's idea of an ideal person, stop you from being you. So do you boo. Be happy. If you want to cut you hair GO FOR IT> worst thing that can happen is you hate and have to wait till it grows back again. If you have long hair and love it! GREAT. As cheesy as it sounds hair, clothes, it's all a way to show people what type of human we are. Why let stupid people tell you show to live your life or how to express yourself. Don't confine yourself to the stupid, unrealistic, biased, beauty ideals that society creates.

Femininity is more than just the way we act, dress, or style our hair. We shouldn't have to put labels on people just because they don't fit that cookie cutter mold. So stop listening to society because our society is 50 shades of fucked up, stop trying to validate your actions by looking for a approval with your friends or family, you'll be happiest when you do things that make you happy not other people. I gotta say I love my short hair and I don't really care what people think anymore.
Perks of being readers: short hair don't care

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