Photo Diary: February Memories

06 March 2015

March is here. Kinda crazy, kinda not. On the one hand I can't wait for this school year to end, but I'm not quite ready to be a senior in high school next year. Amazing how life can kind of just sneak up on you. I've seen photo diaries on a couple other blogs and I though I would give it a whirl. Let me know if this is something y'all would like to see! 

It's been cold here in SoCal, for a change. I love every sweater wearing minute. Big, cozy scarf are always a winter essential and a Rainy Day must! 

Not too recently my sister came to visit and it was pretty much a Giselle Day. Which means I got to pick everything we did. So it was a perfect day for me. We went to the Last Book Store (see picture Below), Native Foods (vegan restaurant), then chilled at the beach. My sister and her amazing photo skills created this picture. It took a lot of work trying to not get my maxi skirt wet. I somewhat succeeded. 

The Last Book Store in L.A is literally beautiful. It's just amazing. Every type of book you could think of was in this store, and everything about this place makes it a work of art. So glad that I got too scratch this off my bucket list!

I have a thing for chai latte's . I have a thing for having coffee dates with friends. Last Firday, my best friend and I, went to this Vintagy part of town and chilled at what I guess is called "Ladies Night". There were food trucks every where that sold pretty much everything. I even bought a cupcake from a particularly pretty shade of pink. 

My best friend and I don't go to the same high school so it can make it hard for us to hang out. But we always seem to manage. It's nice to catch up and just talk.

Life's, been pretty good to me this month. I'm as busy as ever and crazy as always. March is going to be a CRAZY month. I kid you not I have something going on every week until April. Both academically and in my personal life. I'm looking forward to what this month is going to bring in terms of fun memories and crazy stories, just not so much the not sleeping and the abundance of work. \
Today I'm going to go see Wicked the musical and i'm so excited!!! Next week my sister has a surprised planned, so we'll see how that goes. Not to mention I have two tests, a quiz, and four blog posts to write next week. The week after that it the week of my dance concert which mean rehearsals all week. What I'm getting it is if i'm posting sporadically this month it's because of all the craziness and the new level on insane my life has reached. 
 Anyways, have a happy Friday, do something to make yourself smile, be loud, be happy, and wich me luck, cuz i'm wishing you guys luck this month! Follow me on instagram :)

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