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22 September 2014

Hello people of the internet! It's Tuesday and the only thing i've been wanting to do all day is curl up into a ball on my bed surrounded by junk food and binge watching netflix all day. But because of school that is essentially impossible. Saturday can't come soon enough! So because i've been thinking of netflix all day I'd thought I'd share some of my favorite shows with you lovely folks!

The Blacklist. I started watching this show this weekend, and I'm already in love with the show! Its soo good. It's action packed mixed with real life stuff. So it's about this con man guy who turns himself into the FBI to help catch people on his "Black list", thing is they only person he'll talk to is Elizabeth Keene, who is a total bad-ass by the way.
Grey's Anatomy. I love this show so much! I started watching this before I stared high school. I love the quirky humor, the drama, the craziness. It's just awesome. For those of you who don't know about this show, it's about Meredith Grey's life starting with her internship, and it follows her as well as her friends on the show as well.
Gossip Girl. Who doesn't love a little bit of drama? I'm in high school, I like shows and books about crazy high school people. So naturally i started watching this show. Despite my initial doubts about this show, it's actually grown on me, surprisingly enough. It's basically about these teens that come from elite families and their drama and lives.

Doctor Who. Because how can I not love this show. This was on another post of mine which you can check out here. I love this show so much! I know i'm late on the Doctor Who fandom train, but i'm so glad i'm on it. It's such an amazing show, i cannot recommend this enough. I evem got my older brother into it! So for those of you who don't know about this show, it's about this guy, The Doctor, who is able to time travel and help people. He takes various people with him on his adventures.

Once Upon A Time. I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEW SEASON TO AIR!!! Lately, in preparation for the new season i've been watching a lot of old episodes. I honestly can say this is one of my favorite shows ever. It's got everything you could ever want :drama, romance, cuteness, action, magic, and badassery. If you haven't given this show a chance I highly recommend it! I don't think i can accurately explain this show without giving away spoilers sorry! This show makes me so happy! I can't even tell you how much I love this show!!!

 So what are your netflix obsessions? What shows do you recommend?

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