Book Talk: The Isobel Journal

21 September 2014

Release Date: August 13, 2014
Book: The Isobel Journal
Author: Isobel Harrop
Number of Pages:210
Source: Netgalley (Note: I got this in exchange for an honest review)
The Basics:THE ISOBEL JOURNAL is no ordinary snapshot of a contemporary teenage life. A charming and vivid narrative scrapbook of the eighteen-year-old author's sketches, mini-graphic novels, photographs and captions, it captures her wit, her observations and her creative talent as she takes us through the three central themes in her life: 'Love', 'Friends, Art and Otters' and 'Me'.

My Musings:

      This is kind of like a graphic novel in that there are a lot of pictures. It's a cute book. There might not be a lot of words, but every word counts. Either to make you laugh, smile, or to make you feel something. I can tell you now that this is going to be short review because this isn't a book in the traditional sense, with a plot, characterization, etc.
     It's a simple quick read. Each section is divided into 'Me', Friends, Otters, and Art',Love', Breakup'. There a lot of quirky little drawing that just catch your eye. I kind of wish i could have read this book in paperback or hardcover version, because I just don't think it has the same affect on an e-reader. I loved having a picture book for teens. I guess i shouldn't call it that, but it makes me happy to read a book with pictures and drawing. It just makes me a happy person. I loved opening it up in class and looking at an otter, or some equally cute drawing. I would describe this book to be snippet of Isobel's consciousness, which is what a journal/diary is supposed to be. I read this relatively quick, so i'm not going to say that I felt extremely connected to Isobel, or cried with her or anything. It was a little break from life but the book itself has not imprinted itself on my psyche. However, just because it didn't have a profound affect on me doesn't mean I didn't like the book. I loved it! I loved her quotes and drawing and the things she had to say. Because a lot of what she had to say, i've said or thought. I guess you could say we are similar people, except i can't draw to save my life. I found myself lol-ing and smiling and "saying aww" a lot. That's what a goof book is supposed to be. In that The Isobel's Journal succeeded.
     All in all, it was a fun read that i'm sure you'll enjoy.Its realistic. Being a teen isn't over dramatized or romanticized, It just is. So I definitely recommend it :)

Coffee for this Book: Seeing as Ms. Isobel is a tea person, it only seems fitting to have the drink for this book be tea :). Now I recommend a nice chamomile tea. You can pour yourself some in a mug, grab some fresh blankets or sheets become a burrito for a a while and just read this book! It's quite relaxing if I do say so myself :)

 My Rating:

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