Mixtape Monday #1

08 June 2015

So last year I did a lot of mixtape Mondays and I missed making playlists so I decided to bring it back. I figured since Summer Vacation is already here for a lot of people and on the way for other I thought it would be a fun idea to make a summer playlist and a few summer things to do. Sometimes it's important to set goals and do things that require more than just netflix and your bed, although there is plenty of time for that. So without further ado...

  1. Spa at home day with friends or by yourself. School can be crazy busy and make life increasingly complicated so why not pamper yourself? You could go buy some face masks, hair treatments, pedicure/manicure kits (which also make great presents), and some junk food. 
  2. Go stargazing. I've ALWAYS wanted to do this but I have never had the time nor had anyone go with. Hopefully I can convince friends or even siblings to do this with me. 
  3. Try DIY projects. I usually start DIYing more into summer. Here are some things I want to try this year
  4. Movie Marathon. Because why not? I never have time to see movies that come out during the school year so summer is my catching up time. Plus who doesn't love popcorn.
  5. Go for a hike. I spend most of my time being unhealthy so a hike would be good for me. lol
Now for the summer playlist!

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