Book Talk: A Magic Dark and Bright by Jenny Adams Perinovic

21 June 2015

Release Date: April 28, 2015
Book: A Magic Dark and Bright
Author: Jenny Adams Perinocvic
Series: Yes
Source: Netgalley ( I received this in exchange for an honest review)
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The Basics:Amelia Dupree hasn’t seen the Woman in White since the night her brother died. The ghost seems to have disappeared from the woods surrounding Asylum, Pennsylvania—that is, until Charlie Blue moves into the creepy old MacAllister House next door. Amelia can’t help liking him, even though she spent her childhood thinking his grandmother was a witch. And she definitely can’t ignore the connection between his arrival and the Woman in White’s return. Then Amelia learns that the Woman in White is a prisoner, trapped between the worlds of the living and the dead. Devastated by the idea that her brother could be suffering a similar fate, Amelia decides to do whatever it takes to help the Woman in White find peace--and Charlie agrees to help her. But when Amelia’s classmates start to drown in the Susquehanna River, one right after another, rumors swirl as people begin to connect the timing of Charlie’s arrival with the unexplained deaths. As Charlie and Amelia uncover the dark history of Asylum, they realize they may have unleashed an unspeakable evil. One they have to stop before everything they love is destroyed 

My Musings:

Can we just say that this cover is absolutely beautiful! I mean come on! Plus the summary is definitely eye catching. I have to say the book wasn't exactly what I expected but I rather enjoyed it. By the time I got around to reading this book I had forgotten why I had picked it up. So I started this book completely unbiased. I enjoyed this book and I'm looking forward to the next one.

Okay lets talk plot. It was a pretty good storyline. It was inventive and original. There were a couple of twists and turns throughout the book that added to the complex story line. I will say that there's a few parts you can see coming. While sometimes predictable, the main bulk of the storyline was still really good. I loved the fantasy element that was mixed into the novel. For a while this storyline reads almost like a contemporary novel, it isn't until it progresses that you can see this magical element begin to grow. I think this adds to the drama of it all.Because there is an element of cheesiness in the novel, I do feel like it cheapens some of the magic components of the novel. But only slightly. It's still readable, but it is notably there. But overall I really liked the plot. I loved how the place added to the story. I mean come on the place is CALLED ASYLUM. I loved the creepy factor and the whole ancient family history thing. I thought that it was really cool how everything was connected and helped feed the plot.

Okay now for characters.So I mentioned there was a cheesy factor. It stems from the characters. While I really like them. I love Charlie and Amelia and Leah. They were really solid characters. I wanted to know more about Charlie because without more of a backstory or just more details, he lacks some depth. He comes off as just a good guy with a darkish past. I feel like there's more to Charlie and I look forward to reading the next few books to see where his character arc takes him. Amelia is pretty awesome. Her character was very well developed my only complaint is that there were instances where she came off damsel in distress-y to me and dramatic. Which is why some of the parts of the novel were a bit cheesy for me. Now Leah for me was by far my favorite character. She was this sassy, funny person that I would love to be friends with. She had her moments where she felt a little cheesy and unreal but her character for the most part was pretty awesome;. Now for Ransom. I don't really have much to say about this guy other than creepy. Very creepy from the get-go.

I just realized I started the last two paragraphs with "okay" and was about to start this one with "okay". I need a better transition word. Time for the romance part. Cheesy but cute. It was slow and not rushed which I appreciate, but some scenes for me were cheesy, but were easy to forgive because Amelia and Charlie are just so cute.  Because the plot of the book is so awesome, I really like how the author made the romance take a backseat. I think the romance adds to the plot and I liked that it wasn't overdone or forced into the spotlight.

Overall I really enjoyed this book and I think its nice, creepy, but awesome summer read. I definitely recommend it!!

My Rating:

Coffee for this book: A comforting cappuccino 

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