Letters to December #4

04 December 2014

Dear December,

Change is hard to come by sometimes. Sometimes it just sneaks up on us. Sometimes its illusive. This is one of those times.

There is so much injustice in the world. I'm lucky that I don't have to deal with with it as often as other people. But as a Mexican woman i'm bound to deal with terrible people saying terrible things. As i'm sure other people have had to endure. The reason I wanted to talk to you about this is because of the whole thing with Mike Brown and Eric Garner.

It's so frustrating to hear someone's life being taken and no one doing anything about it. It makes me angry that so many people, people we're supposed to trust end up hurting the populace. It's sad more than anything. Because families are without members. Because there's one less person at the dinner table. Because a lives was lost. 

I'd like to think the world has come a long way. That we've evolved into good, better people. Clearly that not the case. In the U.S people are getting killed because of their skin color, Where's the fairness in that? In Mexico 43 students were murdered. Where's justice in that? People everywhere are rioting, and banding together in protest.  

Things are crazy. I look at the world and I get sad that things like this happen. I lose faith in humanity, I begin to think there is none left, just shells. It's hard to see good when all I ever hear about is bad. We hear about cyber bulling, murder, racism, sexism, rape...

Change starts with a ripple. People are making themselves heard. It's the first step, and hopefully real change will come of it. Everyone needs to play their part. People need to spread the message. People need to get informed. People need to listen to those who need to be heard. People need to taking action and not just sit around waiting for change to happen

Love Always,

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