Christmas Gift Guide: Last Minute Gifts for Men

21 December 2014

Part Two of a four part series. So this is the Men's gift ideas, here are the Ladies' gift ideas, and there will be a book gift guide :) Of course people tend to not to fit categories so feel free to mix and match, but at least the types of presents are under categories!

The Mountain Man: The nature is mans best friend guy. You know the one, the one who loves spending time outside, hiking, walking

The Classy Bro: The guy who wears really nice cologne, has cool shoes, and wears bow ties
Indie Kid:The hipstery boy in your life that wears a lot of flannels, wears beanies, and reads poetry
Skater Dude: The guy who is chill, laid back, and wears snap backs, and graphic tees

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