Letter to December #8

13 December 2014

Dear December,

It was cold and rainy and I felt like baking. It was an eventful experience. Mostly because my brother was baking with me. Yeah....

Yesterday was the 12 of December. For most people it was just another day. But for me and my family it was my mom's and sisters saint day. They are both named after the Virgin of Guadalupe. I'm the odd daughter out. My name is Giselle not Guadalupe like my mom and sister. My plan is to add it as a middle name later on in life. We'll see how that goes. Anyways, my brother and I wanted to do something nice for mom since it was the day of her saint.

My brother biked to Target got some cookie mix, cupcake mix and frosting. My dear little brother did his best as a baker, but the poor kid didn't even really know how to crack an egg. So I guess this was an educational experience for him. Like how you're supposed to watch the cookies as you bake. And you know, not let them burn. He still needs to work on baking skills but he's great at decorating :)

The cupcakes turned out really good. The cookies... not so much. I was washing dishes and my little brother was in charge of the cookies. We were in the final stages of baking so I was cleaning up. Then he asks for help and I tell him to wait because I was almost done, but he repeated his words and he was holding a cookie tray full of burnt cookies. So then I took the tray from him trying to find a space to but the tray down. The tray however was soo hot that I burned my finger a little bit. Note: If you ever get burned put tomato on it. It helps. All of a sudden the piercing shriek of the fire alarm went off and I starting to freak out. I put the cookie tray down on a chair and took the other one out, Thankfully Omar was able to turn it off.

Some cookies were salvageable. I couldn't stop laughing after it happened. All the while Christmas Music was playing. But regardless it's a nice, funny memory and to be honest quite a story. Life is a series of moments, some imprinted in out brains some lost in the corners of our mind, And December, I'm making some awesome ones this month.

Love Always

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