Letters to December #3

03 December 2014

Dear December,

I have the sniffles. I think. I'm a mess of cold symptoms. In other words I feel like crap. I hate getting sick. I'm not sure what i hate most, staying at home doing nothing but be sick or going to school and being sick. Both suck. But only one causes me more trouble. Staying home one day, means I miss a day of lectures, which isn't good considering we're down to the wire. 

It's weird the last three months have gone by so fast and I've been so busy the last three months. Like Blogtober14, or NaNoWriMo, and now these letter's to you.I always seem to be working on some sort of project recently. I'm not sure why that is, or if this little trifecta will repeat itself next year. I hope it does. As busy as I was and as much as I hated myself for it during those months, i don't think I've ever felt more capable or productive. It's a pretty awesome feeling. 

So I'm taking medicine trying to get better and making sure I can soldier the next day. Life goes on, sick or not you have to be there. Music helps, as do the blankets and sweaters that surround me. There's something nice in just laying in bed watching Netflix and being happy with life. It's a completely other thing to be laying in bed surrounded by tissues struggling to find something on T.V. For me, as much as I love being unproductive, I hate doing nothing. It's weird I know, I don't even thing I make sense. What i'm trying to say, and failing at, is that I might be unproductive and stuff, but that doesn't mean I want my day to be wasted doing things I don't want/need to do. 

Maybe i'm just being a complainer... Any anyway.... December, why am I always sick when you come to visit? It's quite frustrating for us both. I want so badly to just enjoy this time, but that cough is always holding me back. Hopefully i'll be up on my feet soon. 

Love Always,

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