Letter to December #7

11 December 2014

Dear December,

I walked into my second period class today and my Psychology teacher was playing Christmas music. As soon as I heard the cheerful melody of "Santa Clause is Coming to Town", I smiled. To be honest I really did want to sing along ;)

I remember one year in elementary my teacher made my class sing that song for a mini, informal, winter concert. Ever since then I've loved this song. Even when everyone was done with that song, I was ready to sing it once more with a giant grin on my face. Years later, I can still sing this song (badly) with a smile on my face.

December 9th marked the anniversary of Rudolph the red nosed reindeer. I loved that movie, I watched it yesterday. Maybe it's the end of the year talking but I've started to feel really nostalgic. I used to love watching christmas movies and I could spend hours watching Rudolph, Mickey Mouse, Santa Clause, movies. I still can to be completely honest. But those little kid days...That was the life. We're all in such a hurry to grow up, leave our childhood behind and just be adults. We all want desperately to be taken seriously and want our thoughts and actions to be validated and often times it seems the only way we're going to reach that point is by being adults.

Then one day, you're re-watching old movies, drinking hot cocoa and suddenly you kind of get annoyed with your little kid self because they wanted to grow up so bad. It's not that I would want to change my childhood, I just wish I could have had more carefree time, more naps, more everything. I guess it's human nature to always want more

That's why I love you December, you remind me that it's okay i'm not a little kid. You remind me it's okay as long as I remain a kid at heart, as cheesy as that sounds. At the end of the day I still love watching Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas, eating cookies with a mug full of hot chocolate with sprinkles. You remind us it's okay to play in the snow and actually enjoy ourselves. Just because we grow up (admittedly a little rushed) doesn't mean we can't act like children and enjoy things we did when we were kids.

So who cares if your 20 or 30 or 40 or whatever really, you can still be a kid. You can shake off your responsibility for a couple moments of well deserved childlike fun. Because let's face it you've probably never laughed as passionately, as purely as when you were a kid.

Love Always,

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