Letter to December #12

29 December 2014

Dear December,

It seems that no good thing ever really lasts. Christmas has come and gone faster than I wanted it too. All this work is put into this holiday that ends up being nothing more than a day long. But somehow it works out. Christmas eve is filled with food and jokes and drama. While Christmas day is calm and happy and beautiful. 

For most people the big day is Christmas day. For me, December, it's Christmas eve. We have a meal, a movie, and plenty of conversation to go around.  Though if I'm being totally honest, there was some unforeseen drama that caught me off guard. It was kind of crazy and even a little more in like. It was at that point that I really wished that my life was anything but a movie is because if the issue had continued, let me tell you that this movie would have an interesting ending to say the least.

Regardless Christmas was good. It was great. It was a cold day by California's Standards. We exchanged presents in the morning. I loved seeing people's faces when the opened their presents, presents I have had planned out since the beginning of this month. I love how well my family know me. I mean My sister got me a Stitch stuffed animal. I'm a 16 year old girl who was really really happy to get a stuffed animal :). I'm lame I know. It was great. I love what I received as gifts. But the thing that makes me smile the most is the fact that these people, my family, my friends, took the time to look for something for me that they knew would make me happy. In the end that's all Christmas is. A feeling you get.

There's this thing we do on Christmas. Where we all stay in our Christmas P.J's and stay home and watch movies. As you know December, we go out into your chilly embrace to go rent movies. So that means that we (and I mean me) go out and rent movies in pajamas and bed heads. Needless to say I got my fair share of stares. Yeah...But I think it's worth it. That's usually the only outing we do all day. The rest it movies, food, and tea. That sums it up! It was great and oh so worth the wait!

December, i'm so happy with the way things are at the moment. It's been a little cray on the way here, but I think its been worth it. I can't believe that Christmas is gone and all that are left now are memories and pictures and things. But I guess it works out better this way.

Love Always

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