Letter's To December #2

02 December 2014

Dear December,

It's been raining like crazy all day. It never rains in Southern California. So seeing the pavement glitter, the bedazzled tree leaves, the gray sky, it's all kind of a novelty to us Cali people. Well it is to me. I love it though. I love the melancholy feel, the chill, the pure rashness of the rain. I'm just about the only one. Many of my friends hate this weather, and, December, I don't get it. 

I got wet today. My hair was stuck to my face and my sweater was darkened by the water. My mother was not pleased, but I was happy. I'm still that five year old who just wants to go splash in puddles and feel the rain on her face. It's strange how somethings just don't change. Like i don't think I'll ever just magically start liking carrots, or stop wanting to read. Yet there are so many aspects of us that time twists and rearranges. Like I have short hair now. I love reading contemporary now. I'm love artichokes. Most of the time these changes happen gradually until one day it's like "wait when did that happen". I guess it's true when they say that life sneaks up on you. 

I came home, changed into my p.j's and had some tea which was perfect for a gloomy day like today. I love coming in from the rain about just as much as I like playing outside in it. I'm currently wrapped in my blanket, avoiding the pile of homework waiting for me. December, the end of the year is near and there is a lot of pressure to make the last three weeks of school count. I'ts starting to get to me. The rain helps. Its just washes away my worries.

Love Always,

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