Letter to December #11

25 December 2014

Dear December,

I've been thinking about how many times a day I say the word "I". I say it a lot. I think most people say it an uncountable amount of times a day. I say it too much, I think. It seems that I always find a way to bring things back to me. Like if i'm in a conversation about something random I seem to always say something like "I think", "I'm just saying", or "In my opinion". Lately I've been noticing this "I" take over.

It's important to have self value, it's important that every one know that they have a voice. But what i'm getting at is that so many people think  a lot about themselves and never once let themselves think about other people. Never venture into someone else's shoes. Never think in a different point of view. It seems that we all have just become our little islands. That's why you're so important December. That's why Christmas is so special.

It's during these cold days that we all begin to remember that other people matter too. That other people matter to us. That maybe instead of using  "I" all the time we can use "us" or "we". We think of others and we feel good about it. Christmas reminds us that bringing happiness to the people we care about, and maybe even those we've never met, or never will meet, is the best feeling. I know it's cheesy and corny, but that's what the holidays are about, saying the cheesy stuff, doing those simple corny things. I finished watching Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas, one of my favorite holiday specials, and I think a lot of us are like Donald Duck's nephews, focused on presents and ourselves.

So even though Christmas has become this very materialistic holiday it's important to remember that at the root of all the money and capitalistic gains, the whole point is to make someone happy.There's nothing wrong with stuff, everyone wants and needs things. It's just bad when all you care about is getting things. Like Donald Duck said "Christmas is about the hearts you touch".

December, it's toward the end, it's toward this festive season that humanity seems to show it's face after a year of being vacant. You help remind people that us humans don't actually totally suck all the time. Because lets face it people suck most of the time. Christmas is my favorite holiday, not because of the tinsel, the lights, or the food, well maybe the food. It's because I get to be part of something that makes the people who care so much about me, happy.

Now, I'm so excited that it's Christmas. Now, as you know December, this month has been crazy, but tomorrow all the craziness, all the work put into gifts, DIY stuff, food, will all be worth it. So yeah, And in typical Giselle fashion, I'm writing this late in the morning, with a nice mugful of tea :)

Merry Christmas, December

Love Always,
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