Student Survival Guide

11 August 2015

School can be the source of a lot of stress, anxiety, and other not so pleasant emotions. School can become crazy and that craziness can be a defining part of your life as a student. Since I am a senior this year I figured I know a thing or two about dealing with all the crazy. So here are some tips and tricks to help you survive school, maybe even thrive. Today I'm going to talk about tests, friends, orginization and other random stuff.

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Random Tips:

  • Don't try and be cool and fit in. It's not worth it. Just be you and find people you can be you around. That "cool" circle is not as awesome as it seems. 
  • Makes lots and lots of playlists! Trust me it's cathartic and helpful. Plus they're awesome when you do have to work late. 
  • Dress in what makes you feel comfortable and happy. 
    • For me that means dressing up, wearing skirts and dresses and all that jazz. If you feel like you look good, you'll feel good. What you wear affects how you act. 
  • Takes a lot of pictures. Trust me when you feel nostalgic you'll want to look through some pics.
  • Say yes to going out with friends. Even if you don't feel like going out, it usually ends up being worth it. 
  • Follow some Studyblrs on tumblr (if you have one). They post a lot of helpful things plus it's motivating to see other people get so intense about studying! Plus they have lots of stuff to help you get orginized. 
  • Always have perfume and deordorant handy. Trust me this is just a necessity.
  • Don't be afraid to put yourself out there. A lot of the memories that make me smile or laugh started because I decided to ignore my shyness and anxiety and just go for it. 
  • Youtube has a lot of tutorials for everything you need. Use 'em.
    • Crash Course is crazy helpful!
    • You can often find power points or outlines for textbooks here. I find them really helpful!
  • Don't join a billion clubs because you think it looks good for colleges. 
    • Join a select few that you feel the most passionate about.,
    • Maybe even start one.
  • Always have a person you can talk to.
    • I can not stress how important this is. There are going to be days that suck so much thats it's impossible to bear it all on your own.
    • It can be a friend, a sibling, a parent, or a therpist. It's important to have someone to listen to you vent and offer some advice without being judgemental
  • Priotoize your health first,then your relationships, then school. 
  • How to be a Happier Person
  • Let's talk about health
    • This post has some meditation stuff for those of us with anxiety! It's super helpful!
  • Have lazy days.
    • These are vital for mental health. It's important to set aside time for yourself.
    • Reward yourself after a test or at the end of a project or just because.
    • Watch some movies, read a book, eat some brownies, bake some cookies, stay in your P.J's all day,


This is tough subject for me because I don't make friends easily. I'm the kid who sits in the corner of class who you've probabaly only heard speak like three times the entire school year. Because I am that kid, I feel like it's all the more important for me to talk about this. 
  • People can be really rude. Try not to take it personally if someone brushes off your attempt to talk to them. Let it go. Chances are if they think they're too cool for you, your waayyy too cool for them. 
  • Don't be afraid to talk to people. I met one of my best friends in my bio class freshman year and it started because we talked. Sometimes you gotta just suck it up and go for it. It's hard I know, but there's going to be someone who's just as nervous as you, who wants friends too, who will be nice. 
  • Hold on to the friends who are genuinely great people, let go of the ones who genuinly don't care about you and are toxic. Noboy's got time for frenemies. 
  • You don't have to change in oder to fit in with a group of people. Go find people who you just click with. 
  • Don't be too down if you don't find your group right away. For the longest time my group consisted of one other person. Then one day the two of us hung out with some other people and we all just fit together. 
  • Group projects change people. Some people like to be leaders. Some people don't like doing anything. Don't ruin friendships because your group project is just hell. Group projects are crazy things and crazy things happen and ya gotta just deal. 
  • Stay far, far, far away from drama.


  • Don't be afraid to talk to them. They are people too! It's important to get to know them so that if you need help, they're there. 
  • Plus if you need a letter of rec you already know who to ask.
  • When emailing them always be polite and codial. 
    • DO: Hi. Ms. Teacher, I hope this email finds you well. I was wondering {Place question here} 
    • DON'T: Hey, {insert question}
  • When you have bad teachers its tough my best advice is to rely on your book, the internet, and fellow classmates. 


  • Start sudying early.
    • There are many ways to go about this. You can follow a plan like this: 5 Day Plan or what I used to do is start studying about three days before the test and take notes on my notes. It seems redundant but the more you write and rewrite something the better you remember. 
    • I actually did a studying tips post which you can check out here
    • Here are some printables to help out!! Study Planner
  • If you need help ask for it but don't wait till the last minute
  • Flashcards are hella helpful!
    • I like making mine by hand if I can. Writing it helps you remember better but using apps like quizlet are just as awesome!
  • Don't cram the night before. It actually doesn't help you that much. It's much better for you to get some rest!
  • Post it's are super helpful!
  • Remember that you are more than a letter grade. You are a person and no cannot define yourself by a grade. In ten years you won't care about that random test you failed in chem. It's okay to fail, it's okay to not be perfect. Just move forward and shoot to do better each and every time. One of my favorite teachers always said "There are no step backwards". So keep that in mind. We will all slip up every once in a while but remember that from that moment forward you will work on it.
  • Remember to do self care! Don't burn yourself out!!


  • Planning will save your life. 
    • you don't need a fancy planner or anything, in fact just a notbook will do. 
    • Here are some printable options: XXX
    • It's important to know what you need to get done, what's coming up, and what you need to study for. This way you can stay on top of your work
    • Bullet Journals are super cool and I haven't tried them but i'm tempted to give it a go.
  • Create schedules. 
    • I know it sucks but this way you leave time for yourself and get your work done.
    • Your schedule will become your life
    • Make time for yourself. Watch some T.V. Read. anything you want. 
    • As much as everyone hates it, ya gotta use weekends to get a head. Trust me you'll thank yourself during the week.
  • Know where your notes are.
    • Mark sections in your notebook or binder so you know what's what.
    • Keep paperclips handy! That way you can group papers and handouts together so when you need to study you can pull out your packet.
    • Types of notes
  • Color code things. 
    • It's not only pretty but it's helpful
    • Studying never has to be pretty, it just has to work. 
Overall just remember that school is crazy but you can survive it all. You can survive the people, the work, the expectation, the stress, all of it. You just have to remember to breath and move forward. There are gonna be some sucky days and you need to practice self care. Remember that it too shall pass and you live and be better for it. There are going to be great days and hold on to the way they make you feel! Remember them and tell the stories to your friends and family. Make mistakes, don't be afraid of failure, learn from it. Stay on top of your work but save some time to be crazy or lazy. 

Good luck this school year,
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