Back To School Outfits

15 August 2015

I've been obsessed with watching back to school videos and getting fashion inspiration. I thought I would do the same today. After all, today is the last day of my Back to School series! Crazy I know. I go back to school this next Monday. I cannot even begin to explain just how NOT ready I am. But life's going to happen whether your ready or not. So without further ado here is some style inspiration for your lovely Saturday.

Back To School Series:
Day One:Back to School: Books and Movies
Day Two: Mixtape Monday + Organization
Day Three: Student Survival Guide
Day Four: Goals For the 2015 School Year
Day Five: Cute Hair Styles
Day Six: Open Letter To Students

If you want to dress up but not look like you're trying too hard this is the perfect outfit for you. The high waisted trousers give off a chic look and the crop top and shoes dress it down.
You can never go wrong with a dress for the first day. You can dress it up, or down, like I did.It's still pretty hot out where I live, so I probably wouldn't wear the socks, so feel free to modify to fit your dress code and weather situation.

I like dressing up for school. A skirt and loose tee is a great way to look cute but feel really comfortable!

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