Hometown Hangouts

30 August 2015

Have you ever heard of Eventbite? Well it's pretty cool. It allows you to manage eventssell tickets and make events an easier experience! They help me to find events locally so today, I wanted to share one of my favorite local events with you!

So one of my favorite things is going out to the Magnolia "Ladies and Gent's Night Out". It's the last Friday of every month and my friend and I try to go every time it's up. There's a bunch of food trucks that sell anything from lobster to fried ice cream. I have yet to try the fried ice cream but I'm definitely going to next time! It's pretty awesome. They also have live music which is always a good idea.

My favorite place on Magnolia is Romancing the Bean. It's got amazing coffee and delicious pastries! My sister and I discovered this place last year and are obsesses with it, especially their chai lattes!

Without further ado, here are the pics from the event!

Romancing the Bean is a super cool, super cute place to chill, read, write, or hang out with friends. Also how cool is that truck? There a few "store" trucks, that have some pretty cool things.

In addition to have really good coffee Romancing the Bean also has a  little shop area that has some cool things.

 This food truck is amazing! It's so cute and the cupcakes are beyond amazing!! 

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