Mixtape Monday: Back to School Playlist + Organization

10 August 2015

It's day two of my Back to School series and I'm super excited about today's post. As you guys know I LOVE creating playlist for things. I figured that we would all need a little pick me up once school starts to ease the parting blow of saying goodbye to summer. I also thought I would create a little checklist for y'all to help get you guys organized for back to school!

Things To Get Done Before School Starts:

  • Clean out your closet. Time to take inventory of what you have so you know what you need. This gives you the opportunity to change your style, if you want to, or just get rid of some old things. ( There will be an OOTD inspiration post)
    • Make a list of what you think you need. If you're not sure where to start try shopping just the basics: Jeans, short/skirts, and printed and solid tops. When buying things try to think of outfits you can make with the item you're buying. If you can think of ways you can pair with clothes you already have or bought then it's a good investment, if you can't, then maybe it's not for you. 
  • Make Pinterest boards!
    • You can make one for clothes to help give you some guidance.
    • You can make inspirational posts to help you when school gets tough
    • Follow me here: Perks of Reading
  • Clean your room. It will make you so much happier to do homework in a clean environment instead of a cluttered mess
    • Throw out unnecessary papers and things from last year and make room for the new school year. 
    • Clean your make-up brushes. Trust me it'll be worth it when the first day comes!
  • Go school supply shopping. 
    • Make a list of what you need. Make sure you you've gone through what you already have first. Basics: Backpack, pencil pouch, pencils, pens, highlighters, post its, glue, folders, binder,planner/bullet journal. (I will be posting an updated School Essentials this week, but here's last years: XXX)
  • Finish up any Summer assignments!
    • It's always good to finish summer reading or homework at least four days before school starts so you can review before you start the first day. Plus I don't want to be reading the day before school, I want to be watching netflix and treasuring my last few moments as a free person. 
  • Enjoy the last few days of summer
    • Say yes to hanging out with friends.
    • Watch netflix all day.
    • Read a book or two :)
That's it for today!! Tomorrow's post is a student survival guide post!!

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