Back to School: Supplies and Some Tips

10 August 2014

     So it's that time of year again. It's time to put away your swimsuits and beach days and trade them in for homework and school days. Sound like fun?!I'm not ready to go back to school, i'm still recovering from my sophomore year of high school! Just thinking about school makes me freak out. School starts for me next Monday...YIKES! I figured that a lot of you guys, my lovely readers, are going back to school and are pretty much in the same boat as me. So I thought it would be fun to do a mini back to school series. I know that today is Book Talk Day, but I that for this week i'd do my book review on Thursday instead of today.
      So I LOVE back to school shopping. It's my thing! I make lists, watch youtube videos, and look for good deals. So to start i'll show you guys my supplies!!
     I went to staples and got almost everything. My backpack though is from Tilly's. They had really good deals that were just impossible to pass up. I defininetly suggest you go there if you still need some stuff. I also recommend anyone do is go to Costco. They have these student pack things that come with EVERYTHING you need, or pretty much everything. They have earsers, pencils pens, colored pens, highlighters, sharpies etc. So give that a shot!
  1. I definitely recommend getting folders for back to school, not just dividers. I find that with just dividers papers always seem to rip out of the binder. With folders you don't have to worry about that. In addition it just helps you create more of a division in your binder. Like you can have your homework in the folder and notes and worksheets outside of it. 
  2. Keep paperclips handy! I like to paperclip things that have to do with the same thing. For example if we're covering the american revolution and I have some summaries or notes or something on the subject I can just paperclip them together and when I need to study I can just pull out my packet. I put some on my notebooks and folders.
  3. Get some colored pens! Not only are they perfect for doodling when you're bored, but you can color code notes (am I the only person who does this). 
  4. Invest in a mini stapler. I always hate waiting in line to staple my papers in class. This way you avoid getting up (yes i'm that lazy) and waiting in line. 
  5. Keep a little bag within your pencil pouch for lead or erasers. I can never find my little lead containers and I always get sooo frustrating when I dig and dig and can't find it. So to eliminate this I decided to put them in a bright orange bag.
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