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31 August 2014

Hello my lovely readers!! So I've been gone the last two weeks. Missed me? Well I've missed you. I've been crazy busy with school, but I'll do my best to post on schedule. So in my absence I've been nominated for the Liebster Award four times!I'm finally getting around to this post and the questions have added up lol. Thanks to DeeDee, ChloeAlexandra Marie, and Noelia

The Rules
1. Thank the blogger who nominates you.
2. Answer the 11 questions she/he asks of you.
 3. List 11 random facts about yourself.
4. Nominate 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers.
5. Ask these 11 bloggers 11 questions of your own. You can't nominate those who nominated you.
6. Let them know you have mentioned them.
Also I there were some repeat questions so if there's less than 11 questions from someone it's because i previously answered it already. So without further ado, here are the questions!
DeeDee's Questions:
1. Favorite month?

Hmm. Let me think about this. Probably December, because 1) Christmas 2) hot chocolate 3) sweater weather. Enough said.

2. One book you can read over and over again?

Okay this is easy. I can re-read Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly until the day I die. I've already read it 6 times. And i'll probably read it again soonish. It's just such a great book. The writing is phenomenal. The plot is amazing. I love Andie, the main character, to death. This book is everything I want in a book. If you haven't read it, you really should!

3. One place you would love to visit? I'de love to visit. This is toughie! I love the idea of traveling. I've only left California twice in my life. Which is more than some people, I know, but still. I would love to visit so many places. Hmmm I would love to go to Chile. My sister visited it and came back talking about it and it just seems like such a great place.

4. What made you start blogging? Whenever I read something I always feel like talking about it and telling my friends what I think about the characters, the plot, what I hated, what I loved. So it made sense to me to make a blog and just share what I think. It took me a while to actually make it a blog because I wanted to make sure I would be dedicated to it. And I promise that I will do my best!

5. Favorite meal? Breakfast, lunch, dinner?

BREAKFAST! I love pancakes and French toast and breakfast sandwiches. It’s also the only type of food I can make soo…

6. Are you a morning or night person?

Night. I feel like I work better at night and I don’t know I love watching movies and shows and blogging of course into the wee hours of the night. I hate mornings. Like seriously I’m terrible in the mornings. I can’t function, I’m probably cranky and just no. You don’t want to see me in the morning.

7. What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Hmmm…I can’t pick. It’s like asking a mom to pick her favorite child. It’s just not possible. But I suppose I can be a bad mom for this one question and pick 2. Orange Sherbet and Cookies and Cream.

8. Any blogging advice?

Get organized. Decide what your posts are going to be and when you’re going to post them. It’s important to have a schedule and to be consistent. Being organized also helps you organize your time and have enough time to make a post.

9. Do you have a secret talent?

Well I don’t think it’s a secret at all but I make killer French Toast! It’s delish! I can make strawberry stuffed French toast with homemade strawberry syrup, cinnamon French toast, Banana French toast etc.

10. Role model?

Proably my older sister. She’s been through a lot in her life and she’s still come out on top. She’s wicked smart and works hard at everything she does. As if she wasn’t talented enough she can sing, play guitar and dance. But most importantly she’s extremely humble and just overall genuinely good person, the rarest type.

11. Dream occupation as a child?

It changed a lot. I wanted to be veterinarian. But then I realized that I would cry every time an animal died. And I didn’t want to be sad all the time so then I wanted to be Marine Biologist. But I can’t swim that well, and the ocean scares me. I think it’s super cool and I love watching specials on discovery, animal planet, national geographic on ocean life. I LOVE shark week! Like I live for this week. Anyways I’m off topic. Then I wanted to be a dancer. I was just delusional about that one.

Alexandra's Questions:

1. What's your favorite TV show?

I can’t pick! I’ll just say my favorite show right now and it’ll probably change later on. I love Falling Skies. I can’t even with this show!

2. Favorite Youtubers (if you watch Youtube)? For some reason I really like British youtubers. I love Zoella, Alfie, Naomi Smart, Marcus Butler, Casper Lee. I also love Marmrie Hart, Grace Helbig, and Hannah Hart, Tyler Oakly, Bethany Mota, StillaBabe09, and Vlogbrothers.

3. What is your dream job?

I would love to be a YA author

4. Coffee or tea?

Both? I need coffee to give me the energy to get shit done and I need tea to calm me down when I start freaking out.

5. Favorite store?

Barnes and Noble

6.. What would you say has been your biggest accomplishment?

I’m 16. There’s not a lot I’ve done with my life that doesn’t involve school. The first thing that comes to mind is when I got first place in an arts contest for a poem I wrote.

7. Favorite musical artist?

We’re going to be here all day. So here’s the condensed version: Coldplay, Bastille, The 1975, Sara Bareilles, Tegan and Sara, Kodaline, Head and the Heart, Lorde, BeyoncĂ©, Sia, and Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeroes.

8. What do you like to do in your free time?
I almost never have free time, but if I do I’m reading, writing, watching T.V or dancing wildly in my room.

9. Do you have any current favorite fashion trends?

Sometimes I wish I could be a fashion blogger. I Love fashion. And I love picking out outfits and styling things and it’s just so much fun for me. As of right now I like the plaid, the grunge look, I love those green parkas, and Kimonos.

Chloe's Questions:

1. Do you like to write, and if so, would you ever consider writing a novel?

Yeah I love writing; it’s how I stay sane. I’m actually already writing one right now.

2. Who is your favourite author and why?

I love Melissa Marr. She’s writes paranormal YA. I love how she makes the characters relatable and feel so real even when the worlds not. It’s hard not to fall in love with the characters and just cry with them, laugh with them, and yell at them when they do the one thing you don’t want them too.

3. Any weird reading habits?

When I read a book I always need to have random breaks. If someone just died I will take a break and just cry. If something super suspenseful is about to happen I’m going to take a break and just be frustrated for a moment or two.

4. Why did you start your blog? What inspired you?

I already answered the first question, but I haven’t answered the last one. I’m not really sure when I got the idea to do this or what inspired me. I want to say my sister was the one who told me this was a good idea and that I should go for it. So I guess you have her to thank.

5. What can you be found doing on days when you just hang around the house?

Randomly dancing, singing, reading, writing, yelling at my book/T.V because that’s just what I do. I’ll probably have like a mini movie marathon if I have time. Like this summer I had a Lord of the Rings Marthon.

6. What are some things you hate? Why?

I hate ants because bugs and just no.

I hate insta-lovey reltionships in books because I feel like it takes away from the romance and relationship.

I hate when people are being hurtful and saying stupid things to discriminate someone. Like seriously why can’t we just be nice to each other and live our lives? No one should ever feel the need to make someone feel like less of a person because of their gender, sexuality, skin color, religion, political party, favorite books, or whether you like Twilight or not.

7. What are some personality traits of yours that you like? Why?

I like that I’m sarcastic. I tend to like that about other people because they make me laugh and if I can do the same, well then awesome! I like that I get really attached to book characters. Part of the reason I like reading is because I like being part of a different reality and if I get attached to the characters it feels more real to me.

8. If you had one superpower what would it be and why?

I would be like Prue from Charmed and have the power of telekinesis.

9. What would you do with a million dollars?

College fund! Then donate some to Cancer research centers. Then I would buy a lot of books and maybe some clothes. And I would buy my mom a new car.

10. If your life was a reality show, what would it be about?

Honestly not much happens in my life so I’m not sure who would watch it. But it would be about a self-proclaimed introvert who starts off high school with no friends. But she soon meets people who befriend her. She becomes the ear of many and is the “therapist” of the group if you will. She struggles to juggle her friend’s problems and her own all while trying to keep up a 4.0 GPA

Hmm I made my life seem somewhat interesting… Would you guys watch this?

Noelia's Questions:

1. Explain the meaning behind your blog name

I wanted to incorporate the name of a book that I love and has had a profound impact on me: Perks of being a Wallflower. It’s an amazing book and I have no words for the amount of love I have for it. And a lot of people don’t really appreciate books and reading like I do and a lot of you guys do. And it has a lot of pro’s so Perks of being a Reader.

2. If you could travel through time, which period of time would you go?

Ummm I took a quiz cuz I wasn’t really sure. I got the 40’s but I don’t think I’de like to live in that era as much as I wish I could be part of the 1960’s. I would want to be part of the civil rights movements as well as just right for more rights in general.

3. What got you into reading?

I used to hate reading when I was in elementary school then when I was in fifth grade I read this book by Gail Carson Levine, who wrote Ella Enchanted. It’s called Ever. For some reason I fell in love with this book and after that I was hooked.

4. Besides reading, what other hobbies do you have?

I like to write poems, short stories or work on my book. I also like do dance.

5. Do you like to listen to music while reading? Or maybe have a snack?

Sometimes I find songs that just go with the book and so I do listen to music occasionally. But no I don’t eat and read, I would hate to mess up the book.

6. Physical books or e-books? Why?

Physical books. I like turning the page, feeling the weight of the book. And the smell.

7. If you could create the perfect group of friends choosing fictional characters, which ones would you choose? Why?

I would be friends with Hermione because she’s super sweet and nice and smart and we have similar goals. I would also be friends with Ron and Harry, but I imagine I’d be closer to Hermione. My best friend would probably be Jem Carstairs, from The Infernal Devices, because he’s just perfect and awesome. I would also be friends with Schuyler Van Alen, from the Blue Bloods series, because we’re both shy and quiet and don’t quite fit into the norms of society. Charlie, from Perks of being a Wallflower, because I just love him. Augustus Waters because he’s Augustus Waters. Cath from Fangirl because I feel like we’re so alike and we’de get along really well. Noah Shaw because he’s good friend when you’re on his good side. Kishan from The Tiger’s Curse Series because he’s awesome and he can turn into a tiger and if any one messes with us well he’s a tiger.

8. Have you ever disliked an author, or rather his/her books, which everyone seems to love?

No but there is a book that I read that I just disliked soo much and it seems everyon loves it. It’s called Dash and Lilly’s Book of Dares. I just felt like it was soo cheesy and I don’t know it the characters were like eehh to me. I’m sorry! I wanted so much to like it!

9. If you could be a fictional character, in which genre would you like your story to happen? Why?

I would probably be in a YA paranormal book. This way there is a contemporary element like high school or having a boyfriend, but I could also be like a kick-ass witch or something.

10. (At this point I was completely out of ideas, so maybe this last question could be lame… this is so hard!) Last one: if you are given the opportunity to re-write the ending of a book, would you do it?

I’ve been unsatisfied with endings before but I usually understand it after a while. So Umm I’m going to take poetic license and instead re-write the ending of a show.

Skins Fire and Rise: I’m sorry it’s a sucky ending and if you hate it I’m sorry, but it’s one in the morning and this is what my mind came up with.

It’s amazing how much a phone call can change your life, how much one person can mess it all up again. I knew I shouldn’t have answered, I knew I should have let it ring. But I picked it up because I wasn’t thinking, because if I was there’s no way I would have picked up.
“Effy” I knew that scruffy voice too well. Like really well. Sometimes I even miss it. Strange how no matter how much time changes you, you still miss the past. “It’s been a long time”
“Not long enough” I sigh.
“Same old Effy” I can feel my lips twitch into a smile. Tony was on my couch sleeping. I glanced over at the clock, it’s almost 9am .
“What is it?”
“We need to talk”
“About?” I walk into the kitchen trying my best not to wake up Naomi. “I’m going to be late for work, I don’t have time to just talk”
“Effy just meet me at Scarlet Bar.” Before I could even tell him no, he hung up. I ran a hand through my neat curling iron curls. I set my phone on the kitchen counter. I could feel the memories banging around loudly in my head. I hated it. I hated it. Remembering and remembering. And all it took was five sentences. Five sentences and suddenly I’m 18 again, a really fucked up 18 year old.
“Who was that?” A sleepy Tony walked into the kitchen. His eyes were half closed and his hair was a chaotic mess.
I hate waiting. Waiting is a virtue, something I should try to learn. But I’ve never been virtuous person, not even now. Cook knew that. He understood the mess that was me but honestly he was the most fucked up out of all of us. Tony came with me. He was playing the overprotective brother today. He’s on the other side of the bar, watching, waiting, trying to make sure I don’t snap when I see those familiar blue eyes. He was shocked to say the least when she heard Cook’s name. It’s been a while since anyone’s heard from him, since anyone gave a fuck where he was. Yet here I am giving a fuck.
“Effy” I turned around, I’m not sure how I was supposed to act. I mean I used to sleep with him but I was in love with his best friend. How was I supposed to act now? Apparently he knew. He hugged me. He still smelled the same; like beer and smoke.
“Cook, you haven’t changed” I flash him my famous smile.
“I could almost say the same for you” I’ve always been good at hiding what I feel. I hope that’s true now.
“Want a drink” he asked. I nod. He ordered me a beer and one for him.
“So what is it Cook?” I raise an eyebrow. I try to come off cold, reserved.
“Calm down, Eff” he said. He looked scruffier now. But he was still grinning. Some people would call him crazy, Naiomi would say he lived to hard, I would just say that’s Cook for you. We fell into a similar rhythm, laughing making jokes, it almost felt normal.
But I questions I needed to ask, so I did, “So you disappeared”
“So did you” He was on his second beer.
“No I left, you vanished.”
“Same difference”
“No, not the same difference”
“Effy, you left and wanted to forget everything, I left and everyone forgot me”
“No one forgot you” I say.
“Cook, why now?”
“Because I need to talk to you”
“Freddie” I could feel the color drain from my face. I was frozen, I was heartbroken again. And just like that my world was shattered. “Freddie never ran away. He loved you too much for that.” I couldn’t break, I couldn’t be broken again. I don’t know if I could myself back together again. “He was killed, and I killed the guy who killed him”. It made no sense yet it clicked. I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t speak. I looked at my beer, at the bubbles rising up up up. “Effy?” I look at him confused and angry. I want to leave but I stay. He pulls me into a hug and I hug him back because once upon a time we were friends. Once upon a time I loved him, but I loved Freddie more. But at least I knew, at least I had Tony, at least Cook was here. And maybe things could end better this time around.
I pull away, chug my beer. “Cook, don’t disappear this time”
“Wasn’t planning on it”

My 11 Random Facts: (I'm pretty sure you've learned a lot about me today)
  1. I've started two "books" I haven't finished either.
  2. I was born in Mexico but I moved here when i was five months old
  3. I don't really like Sci-Fi books but i love Sci-Fi shows
  4. I suck at keeping a diary. Like I just can't.
  5. I started a Harry Potter Fanfiction, I never finished it.
  6. I'm borderline obsessed with Skins and Falling Skies
  7. My favorite Disney movie is Mulan
  8. I've won almost every game of the Disney Scene it game
  10. I keep a scrapbook, and i'm actually kind of good at scrap-booking.
  11. I have a giant quote on my wall that from Another Story by Head and the Heart. It reads" The sun still rises even with the pain.
My Questions: 
  1. What made you start blogging? Did anyone inspire you? If so who and how?
  2. What is your dream cast for your favorite book?
  3. Top played song on your iPod?
  4. Which book characters would you be friends with and why?
  5. What book can you re-read and re-read and always love? Why?
  6. Strange Reading habits?
  7. If you could live in any time period, what would it be and why?
  8. Name a quote that describes you best.
  9. What book made you cry the most and why?
  10. Favorite Disney movie?
  11. Coffee or Tea?
I nominate:
  1. Marianne Kolta from Marianne Says
  2. Teisha McRae from Girl Writes Reviews

  3. Cecil from Wednesday 19th 
  4. Erin at Serenity Books
  5. Observant Girl Reviews
  6. Emily at Books and Cleverness
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  11. Holly from Holly, Quills and Ivy
If you're here you either skipped to the end of the too long post or you read it. Either way, thanks!! So yeah Have a great week guys!

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