Guest Post: Top Five Book To Movie Adpatations

20 February 2015

Alrighty! Happy Friday guys! We survived the week! I think we all deserve a little pat on the back for that! So today I thought I would host a guest post! Today I Have Sami Lien, who is super awesome and cool! Go check Out her website and follow her on social media! Enjoy :)

Hi everyone! I’m so glad to be here today! Big thanks to Giselle for hosting me today. I’ve had the chance to work with her over the years on virtual blog tours, and she always been so much fun to work with on promoting authors. I was so excited when she asked me to do a guest post here at Perks of Being a Reader! First of all - let me tell you a little about me! My name is Sami Lien, and I own Roger Charlie, a publicity and management firm that specializes in services for authors, musicians and small businesses. I just love working with creative professionals to help make their brand successful, and love sharing their stories across through various media platforms and events! Books, music, movies and entertainment in general are a huge passion of mine, so I thought today, I’d write about my Top 5 Favorite YA Book-to-Movie Adaptations, and hope you’ll chime in with comments on with your favorites, too! :)

 Warm Bodies (Book: 2012; Movie: 2013)
I actually received a copy of the book at Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance Trade Show before it was even released, but didn’t realize it until after I saw (and loved) the movie. I think the book translates over nicely into film, and just love the perspective and play on the culture of (how I took it, anyway) the negative effects of technology today. I wasn’t sure about another zombie story, but this one is so clever and unique, I recommend it to everyone! Plus, for music lovers like me, you’ll adore the soundtrack. Totally killer!

 Freaky Friday (Book: 1972; Movie: 1976)
I’m sticking with the 1976 version here, over the updated version with Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis, mostly because the latter movie is really based off of the first movie - not the book. I think the book shines in the inner monologue inside Annabel’s head, but the movie does a better job at actually bringing the characters to life. I also think the film did a really nice job developing the mom’s character, too, when she was more of a supporting role in the book.

 A Little Princess (Book: 1905; Movie: 1939,1995)
This film did a beautiful job of illustrating Sara’s imagination and bringing the story to life. I’m a sucker for a strong female lead - especially when they’re younger, so I think that’s a big part of the reason why this one resonates so strongly with me. I grew up on the Shirley Temple version, and while it’s somewhat different than the newer adaptation - I am a big fan of both.

 I Know What You Did Last Summer (Book: 1973; Movie: 1997)
I actually had no idea this was a book, so I had to go back and read it afterward. Despite switching up the regular order of things, I still loved both - but found the movie much more thrilling. I’m sure you’re thinking, ‘What a strange choice to have on this list,” but I was in high school when this came out in the theatres, so it’s one that will always stick with me as a favorite, and is probably a huge reason as to why I love Pretty Little Liars so much now. :) Plus… Ryan Phillippe? YES PLEASE. 

Nick and Norah and the Infinite Playlist (Book: 2007; Movie: 2008)
There’s actually very little of the book in the movie, but the story is consistent. The movie ending actually annoyed me - it seemed too easy, but it’s just a true testament of how much I enjoy a story that develops out of a completely random circumstance that creates a night full of adventure. I also love Kat Dennings and Ari Graynor, and of course, the fact that music almost plays another character in the film, as well.

Others that I haven’t yet seen, but are on my list:
The Lovely Bones
 I Am Number Four
 The Book Thief
The Fault in our Stars - I have to be in the right mood to be ready to cry!

 What are some of yours? I’d love more recommendations! Feel free to leave a comment below, or connect with me directly!

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