What We Should Celebrate on Valentines Day

13 February 2015

So tomorrow is Valentines Day, or as the single people call it, Forever Alone Day. Seeing as it is tomorrow I thought I would do a post about it.

While I am part of the group who thinks this holiday is a little over rated fist because of the fact that you should be able to show you care about someone any day of the year, not just Valentines Day. That being said, i'm not against all the chocolates, flowers, teddy bears etc.  As important as this holiday might be it's important to remember that this isn't an excuse to never show affection, to never get someone flowers, to never so much as be romantic.

Love is amazing thing to find, so treasure it. Treasure it every day not just one day. Love can be found in different places not just a girlfriend or boyfriend. It can be found between good friends. It can be found in families, I can even be found in pets. I know that tomorrow is basically just for significant others, I feel like we should also celebrate these types of relationships.

I'm almost happy that I haven't found love yet. I have great friends, a supportive family, and really awesome dog (who I swear has ADHD for dogs. she has the attention span if a squirrel on coffee). But I've never been in love like in the movies or in the books. I know that in this day and age, love and boyfriends and feeling like cupids arrow will never hit it's target is all anyone really thinks of. Being single, being "forever alone" is not the worse thing in the world.

So instead of being glum and gloomy tomorrow, try to celebrate the other loves in your life. Being single is a way to focus on you, on your work, on your life and goals. So tomorrow might remind you that you are alone, but that's not always a bad thing. And love will come your way eventually, you just have to look for it.  And if you are in a relationship, remember that, love needs to be celebrated, cherished every day not just some commercial holiday pretty much used to gain money for capitalism now.

So have fun tomorrow. But some coffee, buy some chocolate, scarf down said chocolate, watch a movie.

Happy Valentines Day
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