Motivational Monday #3

16 February 2015

Happy President's Day! I've recently been thinking of how negative I am on a day to day basis. I dread every morning because I know what the day will bring, I know i'm going to be busy, because chances are the things I want to do aren't going to happen. So needless to say I'm just s stressed out girl, dreading each day, counting the days down till Saturday. So that brings me to this quote...

If you saw the golden globes, then you probably heard Gina Rodriguez's speech and how she told the story about how her dad told her this every day. My sister has thus gotten into the habit of sending me these words in the morning. So I thought why not send this to you guys, why not have you guys start of this week with this.

I know it's hard to keep looking on the bright side. I know it's hard to keep having faith when nothing is going your way. But I want you to know that as hard as life is, and as tough as things get, you can do whatever it is you want. You have the power to make today a good day. So why not make it a good day. Why not try to accomplish things you want, because you can. So put yourself in that mentality. The mentality that gives you strength. The set of mind that gives you the faith to trust yourself and do the things you want, the things you need, and the things that will get you were you want to go.

Today is a good day, No matter what happens, or what the day brings, you should always start your day happy and ready and be optimistic. You can and you will. As cliche, as tired as this is, if you believe you can, you will be able to accomplish what you want. So stop dreading each day, stop thinking that you can't do what it is you dream of  doing it. Silence all those annoying, way too loud, voices telling you can't do it, because guess what? Today is your day. Today is a good day. You can and you will

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