Staying Organized and Creating a Blogging Schedule

06 February 2015

Perks of Being a Reader: Staying Organized

 Trying to stay on top of things can prove to be one of the harder things in life. Especially when life is hell bent on being cray and not really giving you a chance to breath. Staying organized is definitely a challenge for me, being a student and blogger. But the thing is the busier you are the more important being organized is. In order to keep up with school and make sure posts go up, schedules and calenders are KEY! I know a lot of these things aren't really new ideas but this is just what I do.
Perks of Being a Reader: Staying Organized

  1.  Priorities! It's important to have an idea of what comes first. Like for me school comes first, which often means laboring over homework before even thinking of trying to get a post done. It's important to know what your priorities are before anything else because that way you can build around it. 
  2. Have goals. I'm trying to make it a goal to have 4 posts up a week. Every Sunday and Friday while alternating some memes through out the week. That's my goal. While it's important to have these goals, it's also important to know you can't always reach them. Don't beat yourself up if it's 1 in the morning and you are way to tired to blog and you have school/work the next day. These things happen...
  3. Be strict but go easy on yourself. Try to stick to a rhythm or schedule but if it's not possible that day. Don't fret. 
  4. Creating a Blogging Schedule will save your life. Okay the best way to do this is to do it monthly. That way you have an idea of what and when things need to go up. Its always best to have a consistent blogging days (mine are Sunday and Friday). Try to pick days that are easy for you to work with. (Shout out to my friend who helped me make my new blogging schedule)
  5. Perks of Being a Reader : Staying Organized
    • Pick things you'd like to write about that month. Posts ideas are important to have beforehand to avoid the flustered blogging, bad posts, and the "fuck it i'm not going to do it" experiences. Not everyone works this way I know, but it's useful for me.  
    • Now you might have a Calender handy and you could use that, or you can make your own. Like I did :) 
    • So once you have your days set, try to organize your posts to fit within those days. Like For me, Sundays are Book Talks, Fridays are whatever days. It's nice to have some venting/tutorial/tips posts. 
    • Don't be too overzealous and try to bite off more than you can chew. It's important to be be consistent and so it's important to know what you can handle. I know that two solid days are in the realm of possibility for me. I know it's possible to do some memes during the week 
    • Now if you have pictures to take for posts, or pictures to edit. It's a good idea to work that into your schedule too. Because that can take a while, trust me. 
    • Do your best to stick with the schedule
  6. Have a planner. I know it gets tedious but trust me it's helpful! This way you have an idea everyday how busy you are and what you need to get done. I usually write down homework for the day, try to put the approximate time I'll spend on it and schedule time for my blog if there;s a post that day. If not I try to make sure I'm active every day on my social media because I love you guys :)
  7. Pick days that you can work ahead. For me I use the weekends as time to work, time to get things done before Monday comes and homework comes piling on. So I'll try to carve some time out for blogging, taking pictures, editing them etc. (end of thinking capacity lol). By working ahead you are able to give yourself an edge for the week/month. 
  8. CARVE OUT TIME FOR YOU. If you are stressed, tired, absolutely done with everything,you are NOT going to function correctly. You are NOT going to be organized and probably going to fall behind. It's so important to take care of yourself and get sleep, watch some T.V. Read a book. Whatever is relaxing and fun for you. That way you can stay on task, stay organized and stay on top of things.
Hope I was helpful! Those are my 6 tips. Comment below if you have any strategies or tricks!

Perks of Being a Reader : Staying Organized

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