Motivational Monday

02 February 2015

Falling is scary. Falling involves being brave enough that either a) you can fly or b) someone will be there to catch you or c)you can put yourself together. Trying is scary. Living in general is pretty fucking scary. There are so many moments where trying, falling, going for anything can lead to utmost disaster, Or at least it seems like it at the moment. Like asking that person out that you've had a crush on. Or raising your hand in class. It can be something big like starting a business or chasing a dream. 

As humans we all want to survive. As people we want to live. I love this quote because sometimes we forget that something just because things are hard, things are scary doesn't mean you wont succeed. Yeah falling is scary. Getting hurt is scary. But at least we can say we tried. We learn. We live. Besides since when does hard equate to failure, you never know, you might find your wings where ya least expect them. 

I'm always scared of failure. Thats my thing. My flaw. I always think about what can go wrong and then I avoid the thing that can cause things to be shaken up. I need to stop. I need to just go for what I want. Say what I want to say. Essentially be Brave in that way that Sara Barielles sings. So here's my advice for you and for me. Let's see if we can do this together. Let's go for things. Because finally flying would be worth all the scrapes and bruises. Because flying would be pretty damn amazing. So what do ya say? Ready to take the plunge?

I got this idea from Sprinkle of Glitter

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