Night Before Our Stars Review + Random Ranting/Fangirling

12 June 2014

    Okay so my review might be a little late, but I figured better late than never.
     If you read the book you know that there is no way to watch this without bringing tissues. So I did. I walked into the movie theater, clutching the poster and the bracelet in one hand and my tissue box in the other. I read the books and I knew there was absolutely no way I was not going to cry. I have to admit I wasn't actually too worried about the movie. The trailers and John Green's approval of the movie made me feel like this could actually be a good movie
      As the movie started everyone in the theater started to scream. My friend whispered to me "all the fangirls are here right now". I replied "I know i'm one too". You could tell that everyone in the theater loved this story and where excited to see this story come to life. In other words there was a lot of screaming,"awwing", and sobbing. It was a great experience because I knew everyone in there was just like me; ready to see this beloved story come to life.
     The movie itself was amazing. Like literally I have no words to describe the perfection that is this movie. The actors really became Hazel and Gus and Issac. It felt so familiar and new all at once. I loved how true to the book the movie was. They did leave out a few things but to be honest I didn't even care. Most book to movie adaptations change the story too much, this movie didn't do that and I think that's what made everyone one love it. It satisfied the fans of the book and made those who were unfamiliar with the story fall in love with the story and the characters. The thing I loved most about it is that it kept the the message the same. It proved how a short life can still be a good one and that to live a good life you don't have to be loved by many, you just need one.
     The acting was phenomenal. The acting was so sincere and genuine. Ansel Elgort really was Gus for me. He brought out this boyish charm that I always pictured Gus having. And when the cancer came back Ansel really delivered in terms of the vulnerability and emotion. It was perfect. I legit started sobbing as soon as he brought Hazel out to the bench and uttered the saddest sentence in the history of life: "I lit up like a Christmas tree Hazel Grace". I didn't stop crying until the end. I'm not even ashamed. I'm actually surprised I didn't cry more. Shailene Woodley was so good. I sobbed when she sobbed, laughed when she laughed. It was just like the book.
     Okay now for the soundtrack. I really LOVE the soundtrack. I got it as soon as I got home and have been listening to it nonstop since. I'm listening to it right now. I'm listening to Tee-Shirt by Birdy. I think that the music really captured the emotions of the film and were perfect for the film. I can't tell you just how much I love the music for the movie.
      If you haven't watched the film yet I suggest you do, like soon. Its amazing and totally worht the tears you will shed. You will walk out feeling the same as when you read the book. You will see life and love and pretty much everything differently.     

My Rating: 4.5/5

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