24 June 2014

Just a Random Quote I love :)
Hey everyone! So I got tagged a while back by Marianne from Marianne Says. I guess it makes sense for me to this, that way you guys know me better. So here I am eating starbursts answering questions for you guys 

1. What are you wearing right now?
   I'm wearing shorts and a loose black shirt that says "stressed depressed but well dressed"
2. Have you ever been in love?
    No, I haven't yet
3. How tall are you?
    5'3...Well almost i'm 5'2.5. On the shorter end of average height.
4. Any tattoos?
    Not yet, I do want to get some as soon as I turn 18.
5. How much do you weigh?
6. Piercings? 
     Only on my ears
7. OTP
  This is a tough question. Ummmm..... Effy Stonem and Freddie Mclair from Skins second generation. If you havn't watched skins, you have to go watch it right now!
8. Favorite Show
    I have sooo many shows but right now i'm currently Obessesed with Falling Skies. 
9. Favorite Bands?
    In no particular order: Coldplay, The 1975, Imagine Dragons, Nirvana, The Royal Concept, Smallpools, Bastille, Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeroes, The Lumineers, Tegan and Sara, Vampire Weekend, Arctic Monkeys
10. Something you miss?
      When I was little my dad would buy my brother and me a Popsicle and we would go under this tree and eat the Popsicle and just hang out
11. Ever been in a fight?
     No but I punched a kid in elementary school because he was being mean and rude and an all around terrible person. 
12.Favorite Quote?
    Okay all of my freinds know this, but I legit have a quote for everything. I'm quote obsessed. But I think my favorite is "We need never be hopeless for we can never be irreparably broken"-John Green
13. What do you do when your sad?'
      I go to my room and put my ear-buds in and listen to music until I feel better. 
14. Favorite food?
     Any dessert type of food I love
15. Place you want to visit?
     I really want to go to Peru.
16. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning.
     40 min
17. Last show you watched?
      Falling Skies
18. Turn ons?
      When a guy is really sweet, likes to read, can cook, and for some reason I like guys with tattoos.
19. Turn offs?
      When a guy is rude, conceited, loud, obnoxious, and messy.
20. Last place you were?
      Palm springs. 
21. Favorite flavor or sweet? Anything chocolate
22. Favorite Accessory?
      I love wearing bows and flowers in my hair.
23. Favorite color?
     Anything Pastel
24. Favorite actor?
     Leo DiCaprio 
25.Favorite song?
     I have a billion favorite songs. The first song that pops in my head is Yellow by Coldplay
26. Reason you started blogging?
      I already rant about books I read, why not put my opinions out there and find other people who feel the same way
    Heights and bugs
28. Last thing that made you cry?
      TFIOS I re-watched it this past weekend and sobbed.
29. How long does it take you to shower?
     About an hour
30. Last book you read?
31.Currently reading?
     The Artful
32. Last person you talked to?
      My little brother
33. Relationship with the last person you texted?
      My sister
34. Do you have a crush?
      On a real person? no. On book characters? Yes, a lot. 
35.  Last time you kissed someone?
      Middle school
36. Last time you were insulted?
      I don't remember. I guess that a good thing
37. What instrument do you play?
     I play the piano, i'm not very good at it. I used to play the clarinet too.
38. Favorite piece of jewelry:
     A long dangly necklace that has a weaving pattern on a pendant that opens to reveal a mirror.
39. Last sport you played?
      I suck at sports, so I don't play them. I do dance though.
40. Last song you sang?
      Another Story by The Head and The Heart
41. Last time you hung out with someone?
      Last Thursday
42.Every had a terrible breakup?
     No not really
43.How old are you? 
44.Quality you look for in a significant other?
45. Zodiac Sign?
46. Loud or soft music?
47.Favorite chat up line?
     Can I have a band aid?
      Because I hurt myself falling for you
48. Have you ever used it?
49. Favorite book?
      I have so many so i'll just list my top five. Revolution by Jennifer Donnely, Ballads of Suburbia by Stephanie Kuehnert, Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K Rowling, TFIOS by John Green,
50. Who should answer these questions next?
      Any one who reads this post go make a TMI post and put the link in the comments and i'll go check it out :)
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