Motivation Monday # 7

20 July 2015

So I've gotten into Marvel recently. I'm not entirely sure why or how this obsession started but I'm really glad it did. I rewatched the Cap movies and fell in love with both of them and I can't wait till the third one comes out (the day before my birthday). Anyways so that prompted me to finally watch Agent Carter. I was going to watch it when it originally came out but I missed the first two episodes and then couldn't catch up cuz I couldn't find them anywhere. Finally I got my hands on the entire season and DEVOURED it. I finished it in about a day. I know I'm obsessed. Anyways, this show deals with a lot of things, sexism being one of them. Peggy is a badass but because she's a woman no one see's it. She's invisible and is treated like shit. To everyone at her job she's just another pretty face.

She proves herself time and time again but her sexist co-workers and boss refuse to see her as anything but what they painted her as. By the end of the season Peggy realizes that she has nothing to prove to anyone. She doesn't need validation from men who don't know better, who are ignorant, and quite frankly are stupid. She is above that. She doesn't need the whole world to know her name, she's happy knowing that she's saved countless people and will continue to do so. Even though the men in see her differently and treat her differently by the end of the season, they still act the same way. What I admire about Peggy is that she learned and accepted the fact that people are always going to treat her as inferior, but that will never change the fact that she is one badass, amazing, good, person. The people who see her negatively don't matter because their opinions are irrelevant she knows who she is and she done't need a medal to prove it.

I love Peggy. Peggy Carter is goals. We all live in a world where people share opinions, where people say what they think, where people disagree. Most people try and try to gain validation through other people's word that they forget that the person who has to live with it all is themselves. We often forget that the only opinion that matters is our own. We can't let other people's negativity, bigotry, or ignorance affect the way we view ourselves. So what someone doesn't like you, that doesn't make you any less awesome, it just makes them a judgmental person. This is why we need feminism. We need to fight in order to be viewed as equal. Just because some people don't see it that way doesn't change the fact that women know their value and know they deserve equality So fight against the need to make other people happy, or make them like you, or force them to see something they don't want to see. Don't waste your time trying to impress people who are just going to look the other way. You are worth more than that. You are badass, my friend. Don't let anyone's words change that.

Stay Gold,

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