11 April 2015

There are still some cold days. There are warmer days. There a busy days and just busy days pretty much. I think this outfit is perfect for transitioning between winter and spring. The key to any look like this is layers. If it's colder where you're at you can throw on a warmer coat or a scarf.

It's crazy to think that there are only two months left of school. I always thought that the entirety of junior year was hard but in reality the worse time is the last two months of school. Finals are looming, (next week) and AP tests are rushing towards us with an intensity that's scary. In many ways I feel like I've transitioned into a busy crazy time that will probably make me loose what little sanity I have. But hey life's more interesting when you're a little crazy right?

Denim Shirt Similar: H&M
Black Skater Skirt Similar: H&M
Black Knee High Socks Similar: Forever 21
Black Sheer Tights Similar: Forever 21
Gold Leaf Headband Similar: Saks
Oxford Flats Exact: Payless
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