Simple, Easy Halloween Costume Inspiration

28 October 2015

It's that time of year when those of us who lose track of time, or are lazy, realize that Halloween is coming and we don't have a costume. This year I actually had some time to figure out a costume but it fell through because finding a 1940's suit is actually really hard to find. So I went with a new costume which I will reveal on Saturday! Anyways, here are some easy costumes you could pull together.

  1. A SHIELD agent
    • This is actually a lot easier than you would think. 
    • What you need: Black everything, a leather jacket if possible and some combat boots. You can print a SHIELD logo and stick it onto an ID holder so that you seem like a legit agent. You could also attach the SHIELD logo to your shirt or jacket.
    • It would also be funny if you went up to random heroes and say "I'm here to talk about the Avenger Initiative"
  2. A cat/Bear
    • Ik this one is soo overdone, but it is really simple to do.
    • What you need: Wear all brown or all black. You could totally make this cute and wear a skirt, dot and knee high socks, or casual with a t-shirt and leggings. As for the ears I think this would be cool 
  3. A  pineapple
    • What you need: A yellow dress and a green headband and green construction paper. All you have to do is cut strands and attach it to the headband so that they stand up
  4. Miranda Sings
    • What you need: lots of red lipsticks, an oversize shirt and red sweatpants. 
  5. A Super Hero
    • This is also a little overdone but I think it's pretty cute. 
    • What you need: A tutu, tights, and your superhero of choice t-shirt.
  6. A Unicorn
    • What you need: something white and a DIY horn which you could learn to make here. You could also make a simpler unicorn headband with construction paper and an old headband
  7. Sam/Dean Winchester
    • I was Sam last year and it was pretty easy to recreate. All you need for same is a flannel either an olive coat or brown leather jacket, jeans and combat boots.
    • For Dean you need a black tee, a flannel or leather jacket, jeans and combat boots. 
    • You can also make yourself an FBI badge to go along with the costume. 

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