Birthday Outfit: Dancing Queen

09 May 2015

Perks of Being a reader OOtd Post

So I decided I would do a vloggy type of blog post. You know the ones. The ones where people videotape their daily lives and post it on youtube. I figured that because it was my 17th birthday I would do something similar.This gonna be like an outfit post with some more pics from my life.  So yeah. My birthday was May 7th and I am officially 17 year old.

Perks of Being a reader OOTD

Perks of Being a Reader OOTD



Everyone always seems to be waiting to be older. I know I am. I can't wait to go to college, see the world, and make stupid mistakes that I can't make while i'm at home. But then you actually do grow older and suddenly the future is closer than you think. So you stop and look around, take a day or two to appreciate life and not look forward into the future that may or may not be. Today was one of those days. I didn't think about tomorrow, or next week. I was just glad I survived another crazy year of life. Maybe this is just me getting sentimental and stuff but it's true. You don't notice the shades of colors that bring life to well your life until you slow down a bit and look around. 

I'm a lucky girl I know that. I forget how many people care about me, love me. And I'm so fortunate to have people a)REMEMBER my birthday and b)Bring me FOOD. It was a good day. Like a genuine good day, with happy feelings, and great people. So I stopped and smelled the roses so to speak and I remembered how many people care about me. I remembered how awesome it felt to not worry about tomorrow. I remembered how much fun it is to actually talk to my family. I remembered how great it feels to just have a dance party in your room by yourself. I turned 17. My birthday was really fucking awesome. 

Dress Forever 21: Exact
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Earrings: Costa Rica
Shoes: Similar Top Shop
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